DSi Gets Facebook Connect Feature Today


Prepare to flood your friends’ Facebook news feeds with the silly pictures you create on your DSi, when Nintendo launches a DSi Facebook connect feature for uploading pictures from the handheld’s photo library.

If you’re like me and love giving your friends stretchy faces or distorting the size of their eyes so they look like real-life anime characters but hate not being able to share your “works of art” with every single person you know and probably some you don’t, today is your lucky day. Nintendo is launching a feature for the DSi that lets you upload pictures from your DSi photo library onto everyone’s favorite social network site, Facebook.

Sounds like the feature is pretty user-friendly: all you need to do is look for a big old Facebook icon while you’re browsing your photo library, tap it and then it’ll upload onto the social network. Obviously you need a Facebook account, a DSi, and, importantly, a Wi-Fi connection to get this thing to work.

“Facebook and Nintendo DSi build on the trend of personalization that is so important to consumers,” Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway said. “We’re giving people the tools to express themselves in creative new ways and show off the results to their friends and family on Facebook.”

I guess this is kinda cool, but so many devices these days have Facebook connections – I’m thinking of the billion mobile phones out there – already that I feel like it doesn’t have much of a novelty, aside from the aforementioned ability to share stupid looking pictures online. The feature goes live this afternoon at 5 PM PST.

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