Rest assured old-school gamers, the game’s producer says “If you want the pure experience we are reproducing that with the harder difficulties.”

“Gamers are just different today,” Rey Jimenez, producer for the upcoming DuckTales Remastered told Polygon. “We had to make [Ducktales Remastered] significantly easier and more accessible.” But, Jimenez assured us that old-school masochistic gamers who suffered through the likes of Contra and Battletoads will still be able to challenge themselves. “If you want the pure experience we are reproducing that with the harder difficulties.”

The game is made easier by the addition of several new features. Fans of the original will remember that “pogo-ing” with Scrooge’s cane involved a rather complicated affair of jumping, ducking, and pressing a third button. In the new game, it is achieved simply by jumping and pressing another button. Maps will have built-in guidance, and the need to keep re-visiting the Transylvania level (a particularly nasty level) has been removed. These features can be turned off in higher difficulty levels.

Jimenez went on to talk about some exciting new features for the game. He says that they have been able to tap a lot more original artwork from the cartoon series, and Capcom’s Christian Svensson confirmed on the Capcom unity forums that the game will feature all of the original voice actors from the show. This means that the game should look, feel and sound more like the DuckTales world. New content includes galleries, the ability to unlock a rare full-length version of the TV show’s theme song and even the ability to swim Scrooge around in the money in his vault.

Jimenez also hinted at future Capcom remakes of classic Disney games. The work that Capcom put in to get the rights from Disney to remake this game could lead to remastered editions of titles such as Aladdin, Darkwing Duck and Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. He says that this all depends on the success of DuckTales Remastered, but told us “In a purely hypothetical world, I think Chip n’ Dale would be the next logical one. It makes sense because it’s the next in the hierarchy.”

DuckTales Remastered should be out this summer for the PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360.

Source: Polygon

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