Written by Brian Augustyn
Penciled by Jeremy Tiongson
Colored by Dreamwave Colors

Previews Synopsis: It’s a whole new deal–and the dawn of bigger revelations and stranger mysteries of the battle realm. Shobu learns more about the secrets behind being a true Duel Master and discovers new battles, weirder creatures, bigger matches and a whole new level of danger and excitement! As Shobu sees his skills and knowledge grow, he begins to hope that the one mystery he truly wants to solve may finally be within his grasp: the secret of his long missing father.

This series is a collaborative creation of Dreamwave, Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast. It is based on the popular comics, television series, toys, and other merchandise in Japan with an estimated readership of 1.6 million!


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FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly Pick your issue of Duel Masters this week!

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