Duel Masters Issue#1 previews!



Finally DUEL MASTERS hits North America this Wednesday November 26th, 2003. This series is a collaborative creation of Dreamwave, Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast. It is based on the popular comics, television series, toys, and other merchandise in Japan with an estimated readership of 1.6 million!

Issue #1 features 5 collectible covers by the talented Dreamwave crew including Pat Lee, each representing the 5 DUEL MASTERS worlds. Also, each issue will be polybagged containing a “SPECIAL” insert. The special inserts are indeed extremely rare and limited collectible cards that can only be found in the Dreamwave DUEL MASTERS comic!!!

Issue #1 by writer Brian Augustyn (Mega Man, Crimson) and penciller Jeremy Tiongson is about Shobu, ordinary kid and Duel Master tournament champion. Thanks to his mysterious and missing father, Shobu has an unexpected edge in the card games, for he alone can directly access the “Zone”, a dimensional realm where mythical battles are fought between wild beings to the finish. Plenty of would-be masters want to challenge Shobu and even stranger beings want his access to the Zone, but for now the champ stands tough. But a quest for his missing father will open even stranger and deeper mysteries than the boy could have expected.

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