A Spanish troll is getting a one and a half year jail sentence for flaming.

Xavier Rezola Tellechea, aka Eneko Haritza, starts his 18 month jail sentence today, convicted of flaming on an internet forum.

Between the dates of December 2007 and Feburary 2008, he is alleged to have ‘flamed’ Miguel Angel Blanco, Irene Villa and Gregorio Ordóñez on the forum (which has not been identified).

Comments such as “We cleaned the ass with the foreign flag of Spain… we pissed in the tombs of the relatives of the AVT” brought him to the attention of the moderators, but then he did a very silly thing: He posted a picture of a Spanish flag in flames.

Under Section Three of the Spanish Terrorism Law, there is little worse than burning a Spanish flag; the Union Jack or the Stars & Stripes may be sacrosanct, the Spanish Flag is holy to the Spanish. He was fined 2,850 Euros and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment soon after.

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Source : Elmundo (Spanish)

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