Dungeon Runners: Chunk 2 Preview


I just want to get this out of the way first off. Dungeon Runners is the best free download / free play MMO available right now. This is not some 2D side-scrolling story. This is a full-on 3D world with a good interface. The game also has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek in regards to the attitude shown to the entire MMO genre. Remember that part about free download / free play? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be playing it right now, even if you only play it on days when your regular MMO is down for patching or you have 15 minutes to kill at work. Not that I’m advocating the act of wasting time at work, boss who is reading this right now.

Now on to Chunk #2 and what it has to offer. The first thing that I should tell you is that if you are a Non-Member, you will be seeing ads. I know, when I heard that part I was a bit put off as well, but after seeing how it will be implemented I feel confident saying that the ads will be as non-intrusive as possible. These won’t be “in-game” ads in the classic sense, but more “around-the-game” in nature. The most noticeable of these will be a banner ad at the top of the play screen. Yes, I heard you say that, and all I will tell you is that Diablo and StarCraft had one for years, and no-one said a word, even after you paid forty bucks for the game to begin with. Non-Members will also see static ads on load screens occasionally when switching zones. Video ads will play during login and logout. All fairly painless, really.

Here’s the fun part: Non-Members will get access to stackable Minor Potions after Chunk #2 hits. Non-Members will also be able to acquire and use Rare and Unique items that are currently Members only items. Also, any item that is granted by a vendor or gained from King’s Coins will be usable by free players. And Non-Members will be getting a Bank Page. That’s a lot of game improvements for basically not having to do anything different in the game than you are now.


Members, I know you’re wondering, “Hey, you’re giving away all the stuff I was paying $4.99 a month for!” Well, Members will be getting three Bank Pages instead of one. And, you won’t be seeing any of the around-the-game ads. You will still have priority access to logins, a separate server, and you will be the only ones with access to the pretty Skittles weapons. You know, Mythic quality with the cool rainbow text. Major Potions will still be Members only as well.

For both Members and Non-Members alike the best addition is the Bartering System. Item Bartering is a secure trade between two players and unlike other MMOs will allow players to instantly trade items no matter where they are in the world. No more “Target is too far to trade” messages. This system is also bartering in the true sense of the word, meaning that only items can be traded for other items. No gold, King’s Coins or other soulbound objects will be able to be swapped between players.


Chunk #2 looks like it will be a great update to Dungeon Runners. The game itself has undergone many changes since it launched and one of the most noticeable for me was the improvement of character movement. I’m not going to lie, I hate click-to-move. In a game where you need to click to interact with the environment, trying to pick something up and finding yourself magically running headlong into a pack of red con mobs when all you wanted to do was grab loot is frustrating. The improvement to the WASD movement was enough to make me take my character out of storage and start playing again.

If you’re looking for a good, free MMO give Dungeon Runners a look. As I said before, there’s no reason not to try it, especially with the upcoming changes that increase the usability for Non-Members. This would make an excellent secondary MMO, or something to play if your budget doesn’t allow a monthly subscription.

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