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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Is a Repetitive Action RPG – Review in 3 Minutes


Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is an action RPG developed by Tuque Games. You play as Drizzt, Catti-brie, Wulfgar, or Bruenor: heroes from R. A. Salvatore’s series of books set in the D&D universe. While they each have a short bio and specific barks in game, they don’t grow as characters or become more interesting as the story progresses.

Playing with one-to-three other people online on its 15-hour campaign would have smoothed over some of its issues, but it wouldn’t have changed the fundamental problems that dragged down my enjoyment. As a single-player experience, it has bright moments but is quickly overshadowed by a dull story, unresponsive controls, repetitive level design, and lifeless encounters.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is available now for $39.99 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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