Dungeons & Dragons was once a game played by millions, and Wizards of the Coast is trying to bring some of them back into the fold with a new set of adventures.

Current D&D owners Wizards of the Coast has launched a new range of adventures aimed at people who don’t have enough time to play in a standard game. Called “D&D Encounters,” the idea is that you head to your local gaming store, pick out a ready-made character and play for a couple of hours each week, with each session being part of an overall season lasting around 13 weeks.

Encounters is designed to allow people to play when they can, and not feel like they need to attend every single session to have any fun. “We wanted to try and create experiences to fit in [to former players] current time frames,” said Liz Schuh, brand director for Encounters. “It is also an opportunity to learn the new rules system.”

As a long time D&D player, Encounters sounds like a great way to get new people into the hobby, as well as enticing back old hands who otherwise might not have the time. Finding a group can be daunting, but Encounters is designed for people to just come and try it. Even people who are not especially keen on the 4th Edition rules – which Encounters uses – can agree that more people playing tabletop RPGs is a good thing.

The new season of Encounters, set in the unforgiving desert world of Dark Sun, started on the 9th of June.

Source: CNN

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