Electrical engineering students at Delft University of Technology have revealed their latest project: a giant replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller.

The behemoth, which the students describe as the largest NES controller in the world, measures 3.6 meters by 1.6 meters. Here in America that translates to 11.8 feet by 5.2 feet. Roughly speaking, that’s thirty times larger than the pad Nintendo shipped with its blockbuster console back in the 80s.

Size however, isn’t this thing’s most impressive feature. NES controller replicas are relatively common place — in the past they’ve taken the form of tables and shoes — but this giant controller is special in that it actually functions as a controller.

Given its immense size the only way to really manipulate it is by standing on the buttons, but if you’re quick enough it seems entirely possible to play Super Mario Bros. 3 like an especially wide Dance Dance Revolution analogue.

Netherlands-based gaming site has a video of the thing in action alongside their Dutch-language report on the unveiling. Honestly, I can’t understand a word they say, but I love the soundtrack.

Source:, via Kotaku

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