A gamer in Japan has expressed his disappointment with Dynasty Warriors developer Koei through the medium of spray can.

Japanese developer and publisher Koei (now part of Tecmo Koei) has been around for more than three decades, and is probably best known for the action-based Dynasty Warriors series along with historical simulations such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Despite its storied history, one gamer recently got so angry with Koei that he defaced the company’s Yokohama, Japan headquarters with spray paint.

The white, tiled exterior and glass doors that feature two cherubs are now also adorned with Japanese characters that say “shitty games,” “garbage,” and “die.” The angered gamer didn’t seem to write why he was mad at Koei, but something obviously ground his gears.

Perhaps Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 wasn’t up to snuff? Maybe he/she hated the ending of Dynasty Warriors 7?

Whatever it was, Koei definitely got the message. It’s one thing to go on an internet forum and say you hate Dynasty Warriors, but it’s on another level to sneak around in the night and tell a game company’s employees to “die” in spray paint. Sure, there are an abundance of Dynasty Warriors games, but you can’t blame Koei for continuing on with its bread-and-butter.

Source: GameSetWatch

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