The Escapist staff is at E3 ’10 in full force, with instant on-the-spot E3 tweets (or “twE3ts”). So how’s Epic Mickey shaping up?

The Escapist staff is at E3 in full force this week, and you can expect as much in-depth coverage as we can manage: News, impressions, live-blogs of the press conferences, videos, hands-on previews – you name it, we’re gonna try to do it. But writing good, in-depth pieces takes time, and if you’re all as starved for the latest hotness out of E3 2010 as we are, it’s only natural to feel a bit impatient.

Well, that’s what Twitter is for. Writing a message in 140 characters or less takes much less time than writing a full-length piece.

All of our E3 Away Team is armed with Twitter – Susan Arendt, Greg Tito, Steve Butts and Russ Pitts – and following them is a good way to make sure you’re getting all of the latest news (and silly hijinx) that are coming out of Los Angeles this week.

Yesterday, the big stories were the Nintendo and Sony press conferences, as well as the opening of the E3 ’10 show floor.

What say you, Escapist editors?

going to @Sony conference. it’s nice not to be the pc guy anymore. Steve Butts

After critical mass in the E3 press room, the crowd has thinned. I guess a free milkshake WILL bring game journos to the yard. Greg Tito

Just saw XCOM. It’s a “strategic shooter” but it looks just like a regular shooter to me. Greg Tito

Tron light cycle: awesome. Greg Tito

Totally in love with Rock of Ages. Can’t wait to play it Susan Arendt

Pretty cool suit, but do you have it in blue? Susan Arendt

Saw Epic Mickey. Me likee. Saw Need for Speed. Me also likee. Susan Arendt

The Editor in Chief stole my gum. Susan Arendt

So what have we learned? XCOM looks like a regular shooter, Epic Mickey and Need for Speed show promise, and Russ Pitts steals gum from helpless Senior Editors. And that’s terrible.

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