Saving the world takes a backseat when there are watermelons to be sliced.

The first gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid: Rising from Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing has hit the net, and it’s got double the fruit slicing that was anticipated prior to the show. Players will definitely be controlling Raiden again, and he’s way more of a bad-ass with his sword than he was in Metal Gear Solid 2.

As explained during the conference, the game is based around Zan-Datsu, or “cutting” and “taking.” Raiden busts apart enemies that look like bosses from Mega Man, takes their spines, and absorbs the energy contained in the spines into his body. Then his eye glows red in what appears to be the only way the new Raiden can smile.

He’ll be brutally dicing regular human enemies too, not to mention columns, cars, and other environmental objects. When I say brutally, I mean extremely brutally, sometimes turning his foes into cold cuts. The action looks quite amazing.

At one point in the footage the gameplay goes into “bullet time,” which should really be called “sword time,” giving players the ability to choose the specific angle of Raiden’s cuts. This is very useful for killing enemies, but even more so for cutting fruit. The trailer ends with Raiden slicing up a watermelon, possibly to serve at a block party. Hope I’m invited! I love watermelon laced with the blood of hundreds of foes.

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