E3: Assassin’s Creed: Liberation Stalks PS Vita


Kill the British as a female assassin in New Orleans.

At its E3 press conference, Sony confirmed earlier leaks that the main console Assassin’s Creed III would be accompanied by a handheld title, Assassin’s Creed Liberation. Set in New Orleans during the American Revolution, it stars a female Assassin named Aveline.

Aveline will at some point cross paths with Connor, the protagonist of the main series Assassins’s Creed III, who showed off some new tricks of his own. Recognizing that the American Revolution was not just won on the battlefield of Saratoga but on the seas as well, AC3 will allow Connor to command an old-time sailing ship and engage in naval warfare against those dastardly redcoats – broadsides and boarding action and all.

Alongside Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Sony announced an Assassin-white PS Vita unit in case the matte-black Vita hasn’t done it for you already.

Age of Sail action sequences and a woman-of-color assassin in New Orleans? Frankly, Sony, I’d be sold before the white Vita.

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