Forget about the disappointing launch line up, Nintendo has lots of things in store for the 3DS this year.

As part of its E3 presentation, Nintendo has unveiled a second wave of 3DS titles, as well as giving some news details about games we already know are coming. The list of new titles includes a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion and a new Mario adventure.

The 3DS version of Mario Kart has a number of new features not seen before in the series. Besides the usual kart based action, players will be able to fly around the tracks using a pop-up glider wing and go underwater with a pop-out propeller. Players will also be able to customize their carts with new parts. Mario Kart 3DS is scheduled to come out in time for the holidays.

As expected, there’s a new Mario game coming for the 3DS. While New Super Mario Bros. for the DS was a sidescroller, the 3DS Mario is mostly a 3D platfomer – the first one in the Mario series to be created specifically for a handheld. The game doesn’t stick to just one perspective however and incorporates top down elements and sidescrolling elements alongside the 3D stuff. Nintendo intends to release the game before the end of the year. Mario’s brother is also getting his moment in the sun with a new Luigi’s Mansion game. It’s not a port of the original, but rather a whole new adventure. The game will once again involve vacuuming up ghosts and coins, but will feature several mansions instead of just one.

Nintendo also revealed a little more information on the already announced port of Starfox 64. As well as controlling the game in the usual manner with buttons and analogue sticks, players will be able to use of the gyroscope in the 3DS to control the action. The game will also be able to record your reactions in multiplayer mode so that people get the satisfaction of seeing your face as they blow you into space dust. Starfox 3DS is coming to stores in September. The new Kid Icarus will have some multiplayer elements, allowing you to fight other people in the sky in 3 on 3 sorties. The game will also come with augmented reality cards that do battle with one another.

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