Sorry Witcher fans, Rise of the White Wolf is not at E3.

CD Projekt teased that it was bringing a new Witcher game to E3, leading to speculation that previously announced and shelved console title Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf would be making a comeback. Sadly, it’s not.

Not yet, anyway. In a Q&A session at E3 2011, CD Projekt admitted that Rise of the White Wolf isn’t even being worked on. The company’s exact words were that the game is “still in the fridge.”

Which means it’s not dead, but resources are being allocated to other areas until perhaps a later date. Areas such as Witcher 2 for the Xbox 360, which is a big focus for the company at this point in time.

If things work out with Witcher 2, perhaps we’ll see Rise of the White Wolf rise again on consoles in the near to distant future. By the way PS3 fans, CD Projekt also spoke of bringing Witcher 2 to the PS3, saying it’d “love to,” but that it’s still too early to make an announcement.

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