Electronic Arts has announced SimCity Creator, an all-new and light-hearted addition to the storied SimCity franchise for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

The Wii edition of the game will allow players to create and enjoy their cities with a wide variety of homes, business, factories, towering skyscrapers and more through a redesigned user interface that takes full advantage of the Wii Remote. Cities will be highly customizable and will feature 13 distinct styles, including American, European and Asian themes. New “Hero” buildings, based on current, historical and fantasy structures, will also be available to make cities distinctive and unique, and gamers will be able to check out their creations from an all-new flyover view in a helicopter, jet or propeller plane.

Since there’s no point in building a city if you can’t blow it up later, user-controlled disasters will also be an important part of the game. Players will use the Wii Remote to inflict a wide array of scourges both natural and unnatural on their hapless citizens, including earthquakes, tornadoes, epic fires, monsters, rampaging robots and much more.

The DS version of the game will take players from ancient times to the Middle Ages, modern times, the present day and into the future, earning special landmarks as they progress into new eras. With four separate play modes, the game will offer both intense challenges and open-ended creativity to SimCity fans.

SimCity Creator for the Wii and Nintendo DS brings two separate, delightful new ways to create, enjoy and destroy your own cities,” said Sims Label Studio Head Rod Humble. “On the Wii, for the first time in the SimCity franchise, you will have the ability to build curved roads and differently shaped zones allowing you to make more authentic places all utilizing the motions of the Wii Remote. Employing the new city advisor system, you will be able to make the game as complex or simple as you want.”

“On Nintendo DS, we will give you the ability to make a city develop through time and to overcome the different challenges each era of urban development presents,” he continued. “I know both long-time and new SimCity players will enjoy these innovative experiences in SimCity Creator starting this September!”

SimCity Creator for the Wii and DS is scheduled to ship on September 19 in Europe and Asia, and September 22 in North America.

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