A top DICE developer said the web, not future iterations of consoles, will dominate the future of gaming.

“People talk about which of the two, PlayStation or Xbox, is going to be the big platform of the future,” said Ben Cousins, Executive Producer at DICE and Senior Producer for the free-to-play online game Battlefield Heroes.

“I think the web is going to be the big platform of the future, whether it’s running on an iPhone or a Mac or on the PC.”

Asked specifically about the possibility of a one-console universe, he repeated his point: “Yes and it’s going to be the web, and it doesn’t care if it runs on a phone or runs on a Mac or the PC.”

Cousins appeared to be commenting on the ubiquity and compatibility of casual Flash and Java titles that rely on neither proprietary hardware nor expensive video cards to perform well.

DICE is responsible for the latest upcoming iterations in the Battlefield franchise – including a console-only game, Bad Company.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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