Electronic Arts has claimed victory against Activision and Disney Interactive, setting a new world speed record for gorfing an entire Kentucky Fried Chicken Double-Down Sandwich.

You should all know by now about the infamous Double Down from KFC. It’s two thick pieces of bacon and two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepperjack cheese, all smothered in sauce and sandwiched between two pieces of the Colonel’s famous deep-fried chicken. It’s an appalling slab of grease, meat and awesomeness that I’m desperate to try, and it’s also the latest battleground in the war between videogame titans Electronic Arts, Activision and Disney Interactive.

In April, a pair of Activision employees demonstrated that one of these greaseball monstrosities can be devoured in less than a minute, accomplishing the task in a hair under 58 seconds. The obligatory giggling video was posted on YouTube and that was the end of it, until a group of employees at Disney Interactive took it as a challenge and set about destroying the record, packing one away in less than 36 seconds. During that session, someone in the background taunted, “Where you at, EA?” and the game was on.

EA replied to the challenge yesterday with a cafeteria session featuring several employees, one or two of whom looked none too pleased about it, feasting on a good ol’ Double Down lunch. But this time around, it was also for a good cause thanks to EA artist Sam Breach, a self-proclaimed “food snob” who declared, perhaps a bit too hastily, that she’d never, ever eat a Double Down unless someone donated $500 to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

You can imagine what happened next. Pockets were dug into. 500 bucks was found. EA matched the donation and suddenly, it was lunch time! Poor Ms. Breach looked like she was about to eat a handful of worms but to her credit, she bravely dug in.

As for the record, EA came out just ahead of Activision in the first round but was unable to even approach the Disney monster who put one down, first bite to last swallow without even a drink, in 36 seconds. Jason Kim, who actually ate two of the things, then managed to cram an entire Double Down into his mouth in 26 seconds and thus declared victory. Not really a clean win, but good enough for the guys at EA. Catch the whole disgusting (and oh so delicious) show at the EA Underground.

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