Electronic Arts’ official 2011 Christmas carol says you’re nothing but a punk.

The EA marketing department is at it again, this time turning a classic holiday carol into something a little different. I’d describe it as more “gamer-friendly,” except that the reaction on YouTube, presumably from gamers, has been somewhat less than warm. [“Additional carols can be purchased through Origin” is not just witty but also one of the few comments I can repeat here.]

I don’t see anything all that terribly wrong with it myself – it’s a huge step above fake Christian protesters – but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Do you find the idea of grown adults singing “I’ll kill your dick” earnestly and joyfully in a public place funny? Because that’s really what it comes down to.

“Just because I like you, doesn’t mean I won’t kill you
This guy’s a freaking animal, just listen to the noise
It smells like a whale just ate some cabbage
and died in your mouth, like a year ago.”

No, it’s not exactly sophisticated humor, but it is, despite some initial [and well-deserved] doubts, official. You can enjoy the EA Christmas Carol in all its festive, sanctioned glory at ea.com.

via: VG247

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