EA Launches Dragon Age Incentive Survey


Would a little Mass Effect 2 bonus help you decide to purchase Dragon Age: Origins? EA wants to know!

EA and BioWare sent out a survey last night asking fans a few questions about the upcoming RPGs Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. While it was brief and fairly straightforward – Do you own Mass Effect, are you planning on buying Mass Effect 2, are you aware of Dragon Age, etc. – there was a focus on some Dragon Age: Origins/Mass Effect 2 cross-game promotions EA may be considering.

The survey asks whether participants would be more likely to buy Dragon Age: Origins if it came with exclusive Mass Effect 2 content like a custom character skin, a unique weapon or piece of armor, a bonus mission, a demo or a $5 rebate coupon. An option to “make your own incentive” is also offered.

It looks like EA may be hedging its bets at bit with Dragon Age, hitching its new and unproven IP wagon to the can’t-miss mega-hit of Mass Effect 2. I’m not a big fan of cross-game promotions but from a business standpoint I suppose it makes sense; Dragon Age is by all reports considerably different than what RPG fans have come to expect from BioWare and gamers unfamiliar with the studio’s Baldur’s Gate roots may be put off by what they see.

So how about it? Will some Mass Effect goodies make you more likely to run out and pick up Dragon Age: Origins? What’s it going to take to put you behind the wheel of this game today?

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