A new video from Electronic Arts has a little bit of fun with Herman Cain’s “SimCity-inspired” 9-9-9 tax plan.

Okay, the truth is that the 9-9-9 tax plan proposed by Republican presidential wannabe Herman Cain has nothing to do with the SimCity franchise. But the similarities are sufficient to raise questions, even if they’re not entirely serious: just where did Cain get this idea, anyway?

EA Maxis wants everyone to know that he didn’t get it from President Obama, or from fellow Republican candidates Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. No, he got it from the people who live in your computer and have green plumbobs over their heads. And to celebrate this remarkable crossover of videogames and politics, EA is having a sale: for a limited, time, SimCity 4 is available from Origin for only – you guessed it – $9.99.

Alas, Mr. Cain himself doesn’t appear to see the humor in any of this. “It’s a lie,” he insisted, when asked about the connection between videogames and his tax plan last week. “That’s all I’m going to say. It is a lie. You see, that’s the difference when you become one or two in the polls. People make up stuff. That is a lie. I’m not going to take it back and not going to politically say – but unfortunately that is not totally true. It’s a lie.”

It’s also just a joke, sir. Calm down.

Source: Huffington Post, via GamePolitics

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