Electronic Arts has downplayed the controversy over Rockstar’s complaints about its upcoming The Simpsons Game, and confirmed that all of the game’s content, including the Grand Theft Scratchy segments, remain in place.

At the Leipzig Games Convention in October, Rockstar is reported to have complained about EA’s use of a Grand Theft Auto-style poster to promote The Simpsons Game. Since then, rumors and complaints have continue to fly, including suggestions that EA may have removed content spoofing the classic Rockstar franchise and culminating in a recent interview in which The Simpsons Game development team members said Rockstar “spazzed out like little babies.”

In recent comments to Kotaku, however, EA representative Tammy Schachter indicated the truth of the matter was far more mundane, saying, “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put these rumors to rest. There was absolutely no content removed from the game as a result of complaints or comments by another publisher.”

“The spoof content and parody storyline for the The Simpsons Game has been in place since the early stages of the title’s development,” she continued. “In-game spoof content for Grand Theft Scratchy has not been removed.”

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