EA announced that it will be releasing Madden NFL on Nintendo’s 3DS when the handheld launches.

Speculation hasn’t even begun for exactly how big or what games will be on the list of launch titles for Nintendo’s 3D handheld. We know that many of the titles that Nintendo showed at E3 2010 are planned for the handheld’s launch, such as Kid Icarus Uprising and StarFox 64 3D, but we probably won’t get a firm list until a month or so before. Hell, we don’t even know when that launch will be. In fact, the only thing that we do know for certain is that EA Sports believes that Madden NFL Football is on Nintendo’s list for third-party launch titles for the 3DS.

Madden on the 3DS will use the capabilities of the technology to produce 3D images without the need for glasses. “Madden NFL Football will bring each of the 32 NFL teams and stadiums to life like never before with a presentation optimized for viewing in 3D, including 3D specific cameras that provide new levels of depth,” the release stated. Features such as Spotlight Moments will highlight great plays in 3D motion. The game doesn’t skimp on modes either, with full 11 on 11 matches, 5 on 5, and Season mode.

As for controlling the action on the field, you’ll be able to use the innovations of the latest Madden on consoles, like the Game Flow calling of plays that Funk highlighted in his review. Exclusive to the 3DS, Call Your Shots will allow players to draw their own plays by dragging a finger on the handheld’s touchscreen.

With this announcement, its certainly clear that Nintendo is doing well in reversing its reputation and will get some marquee third party titles on its new handheld right out of the gate.

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