EA Tempts Media to Sin With Dante’s Inferno Promotion


Would you sell your soul for a couple hundred dollars? EA is asking the media the same question.

Dante’s Inferno for the PlayStation 3, PSP, and Xbox 360, currently scheduled for release in February 2010, will take gamers into the nine circles of hell as they aim to rescue their beloved Beatrice. EA is giving some media outlets a chance to experience the fourth circle right now by tempting them to cash $200 checks.

GamePro “previews/community master Andy Burt” received a package recently from EA containing the check, which was verified as real, along with details about the fourth circle of hell. Simply receiving the check creates a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t situation, as greed in Dante’s Inferno is apparently a “two-headed beast.” The details warn: “He who clutches golden coins with a clenched fist closes his heart to divine grace,” meaning those who cash the check are guilty of avarice, feeding one of the beast’s heads. However, they also warn: “He who squanders wealth allows the first fruits owed to heaven to rot on the vine,” meaning that not cashing the check leads to prodigality, feeding the beast’s other head.

This might be the coolest promotion I have ever seen, much better than that other one (though I kind of enjoyed that too). The Dante’s Inferno marketing team has some creative heads within it, that’s for sure. Follow the source link to see pictures of the creative package the check was sent in. The correct choice is rather obvious to me: cash the check, forget where it came from, and spend it on steak, lobster, and videogames.

Source: GamePro

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