EA has released the “Dementia” trailer for Dead Space 2, offering the first look at the upcoming game and at the face of its hero, Isaac Clarke.

The fast cuts and blurry video in the new Dead Space 2 trailer make it a little tricky to tell what’s going on, but this much is clear: Isaac Clarke, the apparent sole survivor of the ISS Ishimura, is back for more. He’s been rescued from the chaos of the deep space disaster and subjected to what I would assume would be a thorough psychological examination, and now against all common sense he’s slapping on the face plate and diving back into the fray.

Is he crazy? Maybe. An experience like the one he endured in his first encounter with the Necromorphs would be enough to push most people over the edge. Looking at his face, I can’t tell if he’s a cool cucumber or a psycho killer who left reality behind about 200 light years ago. And yes, that’s right: After the silent anonymity of the first game, we’re finally getting a glimpse of the man behind the mask, a rugged, steely-eyed space hero who’d look perfectly comfortable with a bright N7 plastered across the front of his engineer duds.

Other than the revelation, such as it is, of Clarke’s face, the trailer makes Dead Space 2 look pretty much like you’d expect: Grotesque monsters and lots of splatter. On the other hand, the psychological component could be a fun twist and the suggestion that the Necromorph virus has made its way to civilization provides some interesting story potential as well. We’ll have to wait awhile yet to see how it all plays out: Dead Space 2 doesn’t come out until early 2011, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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