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Eagle Island | Review in 3 Minutes


Eagle Island is a 2D action-platformer from developer PixelNicks. The game is set in the ancient ruins of a bird-worshiping civilization and follows Quill, a young adventurer traveling with his two pet owls, Koji and Ichiro. After a storm wrecks their boat, Ichiro is snatched by a massive eagle, forcing Quill and Koji to head deep into the island in pursuit.

Eagle Islands’ plot tasks you with saving not just your own pet but three elemental birds that live on the island. You’re assisted by Dr. Ornis, who provides Quill with an ancient falconry glove that turns Koji into a projectile weapon. This allows you to brave the creature-filled ruins and uncover the secret to reaching Armaura, the Eagle that attacked you. I found the premise charming enough, but the pace felt rushed. The couple of NPCs you meet waste no time in giving you directions and sending you off into danger with barely any explanation as to who they are. The thin justification for exploration mutes the impact of later story events.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.

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