What’s that? Free ECA membership if you sign up through the Red Bull site?

If you’ve been thinking about joining up with the Entertainment Consumers Association but haven’t been too wild about the subscription fee, then here’s some good news: The ECA and Red Bull have teamed up to offer a free year of ECA membership to anyone who signs up via the Red Bull homepage.

All you have to do is go to Red Bull’s website and click on the ad on the side of the page. After that, you get a free year as a member of the ECA Army (which is like the KISS Army, only with fewer bragging rights and less make-up). The free membership into the ECA comes with all the benefits paying members receive, including education resources, advocacy efforts the community receives, and discounts at a wide variety of sites.

Honestly, this is a fantastic deal. The ECA is a great organization; not only that, but the benefits it provides to its members are pretty stellar. That you can now enjoy them for free pretty much makes this a no-brainer.

Source: Red Bull

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