Simultaneously embracing “people who love Halo 3: ODST” and “people who are cold,” Ecko has launched a line of hoodies with design cues taken from Bungie’s newly-released shooter.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking at this thing, glancing over at the black hoodie you have hanging in your closet, and thinking “um, isn’t that really more of a windbreaker? Or maybe a light rain jacket? Perhaps a space age gender neutral pettycoat?”

Doesn’t matter. If Mark Ecko says its a hoodie, it’s a hoodie, dammit.

And, of course, the garment’s similarity to the actual armor seen in Halo 3: ODST is questionable if only because I’m pretty sure that thing couldn’t stop small arms fire. I’m willing to rethink my position if it makes that familiar “shield recharging” noise every time you accidentally bump into the side of a cabinet, but as it stands, the “hoodie” is a pretty pale imitation.

Not that that will have any affect on its viability in the market. Marc Ecko may not know games, but he does know how to sell clothes to psuedo-urban manchildren, and if you can think of a better descriptor for the legions of Xbox 360 owners skipping work to play Halo 3: ODST as we speak, I’d like to hear it.

If you’d like to literally wear your allegiance to Microsoft’s biggest franchise on your sleeve (and back, and chest), Ecko will happily charge you $88 for one of these.

(Via Geeky Gadgets)


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