I’ve heard that a couple of people think these Editor’s Choice issues aren’t new articles. They absolutely are! We call them Editor’s Choice because, well, they don’t really fit a theme. While reading pitch letters from various writers through the years, we’ve found a number of really intriguing, or funny, or off-the-wall ideas from our writers. And since we love both a great article, no matter the topic, and our editorial calendar, we had a problem.

So, we came up with these Editor’s Choice issues. We first tried it years ago. The articles within were such good ones, despite their randomness of subject, that we decided to make this a regular thing. And so, there are Editor’s Choice issues scattered throughout the editorial calendars for The Escapist.

OK, but what, exactly, are they? The issue is called Editor’s Choice. The Editor literally chooses which new articles will go into the magazine this week. As such, they’re like the Grab Bag of Awesome as far as articles about games go: You don’t know what you’re going to get when you come to read the Editor’s Choice issue, other than good articles. And of course, this issue is no exception.

This week you’ll find a chilling article, “Love Triangle” by Samantha Xu discussing Pyramid Head fantasies with both the admirers and the psychologists who study them. Warm up with Ray Huling’s “Endless Snow Day” about how the games industry will fare in this new economy, and the importance of a nice hotel for a gaming con. Dan Squire recounts a tale of coups and intrigue common to any fansite in “A Tale of Two Fansites”. Gavin Nachbar wonders, “Are games bad for children, and does TV rot their brains?” and finds some answers in “The Gloom Box.” And videogame awards are up for discussion in Alice Bonasio’s “And the Winner Is…” Enjoy!


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