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Editor’s Choice


It’s time again for another Editor’s Choice issue. For those of you who are new to the site, the Editor’s Choice issue is basically The Escapist‘s home for articles whose subject matter lies outside the topics listed on our editorial calendar. It is an issue brimming with the unexpected.

Editor’s Choice is a strong part of The Escapist‘s identity. After all, it is this issue that has been the home for an article about Pyramid Head as an object of sexual desire. Not that Pyramid Head is essential to The Escapist‘s identity – it’s just one example of how we value unique perspectives.

We get so many article queries that, for me, Editor’s Choice has become a moment of reflection where I can look back over old issues for topics that didn’t quite fit and take inspiration from the articles that we commission for the next calendar we put together.

Perhaps selfishly, I also like this issue because it feels like a constant, like the editorial calendar version of the “e” in The Escapist‘s logo. Working in an industry that demands new content be produced in what often feels like five-minute increments, it’s good to have a little bit of tradition.

So I’ll wait for another eight weeks, keeping my eyes peeled for the odd ones out, the crazy ideas and the sometimes just brilliant pieces, whose topics could have inspired an issue of their own. I’ll collect, analyze and finally enjoy the content that will eventually make up the next always eclectic and always interesting Editor’s Choice issue.


Tom Endo

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