Just in time for the new year, Egosoft has released new “Uplink” patches for its X²: The Threat and X³: Reunion space simulators.

The X³: Reunion patch takes the game to version 2.5, and resolves various “general games issues” as well as fixes and upgrades to the game’s Script Editor. Of possibly greater interest to owners is the addition of the Mission Development tool, which will greatly simplify the creation of missions outside of the game using an XML-based scripting tool, and an “Uplink facility,” which will allow players to export their game statistics to a file which can be uplinked to Egosoft servers for public display and comparison. Versions of the X³: Reunion 2.5 Uplink patch have been released for all versions of the game, and owners of the 1.x version of the game will also have the Bala Gi Research Missions (version 2.0) installed.

For fans of the series still playing X²: The Threat, the company has released a patch to take the game to version 1.5, which also offers the Uplink facility functionality. This is the first patch released for since May of 2005, and no other changes to the game have been made.

The X²: The Threat 1.5 patch is available for download from Egosoft here, while the X³: Reunion 2.5 patch can be found here.

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