Elder Scrolls, Fallout, More Classics from Bethesda Arrive on GOG

Bethesda Games on GOG

Bethesda opening the vault to online retailer. has announced a partnership with game publisher Bethesda to sell DRM-free versions of classic titles from their back catalog. Fourteen games have become available at the online retailer starting today.

Five Elder Scrolls titles are included in this launch. The first two games in the series, Arena and Daggerfall, are being offered for free with the purchase of any Bethesda game, while later games Redguard, Battlespire (both available for the first time digitally), and Morrowind come at a 33% discount if you buy all three.

First-person shooters from id Software are available now as well. You can pick up The Ultimate Doom and Doom II (with the Master Levels and Final Doom expansions) in the shop, as well as Quake bundled with its two mission packs.

Finally, this new partnership brings Fallout back to The first three titles in the series had been a launch offering for the service, but became unavailable for purchase near the end of 2013. Today, you can once again purchase Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.


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