The PC version of the holiday-themed retro-game Elf Squad 7 is now available exclusively through the Indie Royale bundle.

If you don’t buy at least one indie game bundle this holiday season, well, maybe you’re just not into indie games or something. I don’t know, but I do know that if you are down with the indie scene, this has been the best holiday season ever, and yet somehow it just keeps on getting better. The latest improvement to the situation is the PC debut of Elf Squad 7, a “festive holiday-themed” game [you probably figured that much out on your own] that appeared as an Xbox Live Indie Game in November and is now available on the PC exclusively as part of the Indie Royale bundle.

The PC version of Elf Squad 7 supports solo or two-player local retro-gaming. When things go bad in the North Pole, you’ll have to wrap toys, stuff Santa’s sack, demolish freakish un-toys and battle Kevin, “the haywire toy-building robot of the North,” to save the day!

The Indie Royale, you may recall, is a collection of The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered, Eets, Dino D-Day and The Oil Blue, along with recently added bonus games greenTech+ and Shellblast, and of course Elf Squad 7, all for a current minimum price of $4.47. You’re welcome to pay more if you want, not only to support the devs but also, if you pay at least ten bucks, to drop the minimum price for your fellow gamers. Buyers with such a generous bent will also score themselves a copy of Rush Coil’s 8-Bit Christmas chiptune album.

A gifting option is now available as well, so if the indie thing isn’t your thing but there’s a PC gamer on your list, you can bag the bundle and arrange to have it delivered to the email address of your choice on Christmas day. You’ve got five days left to make your move at, so if you want it, get on it!

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