Email Flambe: Jack Thompson vs. Take Two


Game Politics set the blogosphere on fire this morning when it posted an email exchange between famed anti-game attorney Jack Thompson and Take Two VP Gena Feist.

“Are you nuts?” wrote Jack Thompson in an email to Gena Feist, VP of Take Two Interactive, the company responsible for Rockstar Games and its current pariah, Manhunt 2. Previously in the exchange, Feist asked Thompson to, “Give it a break,” as videogame industry voyeurs everywhere drooled over the inside dirt.

The email exchange, uncovered by Game Politics, displays a tête-à-tête between two forces from different camps, battling it out over whether or not Thompson’s continued antagonism of Take Two violates a settlement between the two parties, whereby Thompson was forbidden to threaten the company with lawsuits, attempt to restrict sales of Take Two’s games or accuse Take Two of any misconduct with regard to its products.

Though it was thought that the settlement would effectively silence Thompson, this email exchange points to the contrary, and may in fact be a violation of the agreement, considering Thompson continues to contact the higher-ups at Take Two directly, when he is required by the settlement to make such contact via their attorneys. One poster, named “JackDon’tKnowJack” on Game Politics pointed out that such activity may be in direct contradiction to the settlement, and, “Jack” writes, “If that’s not violative [of their agreement], then it is, I believe, prohibited by the Florida Bar Rules of Conduct concerning attorney communications with attorney-represented parties.”

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