The Internet Archive’s collection of 2,400 MS-DOS titles can now be embedded in Twitter posts.

Update: Twitter has put an end to the Internet Archive’s embed-able DOS games. While the site hasn’t provided a statement directly addressing why, it’s likely that the games violated its Player Card rules which prohibit “interactive experiences inside the video or audio player.”

Original Story: Earlier this year, the fine folks over at the Internet Archive did the world the service of adding a whopping 2,400 MS-DOS games and demos to its library of free games. Playable in web browsers, the addition provided gamers everywhere with a free and convenient way to revisit old favorites, many of which have been out of print and unavailable for years. Well, sometime between then and now someone at the site decided to take these games and add in a bit of Twitter functionality.

That’s right folks, by simply pasting the URL of one of the aforementioned DOS games into a Twitter post, you can now Tweet out embedded versions of these games that are 100 percent playable within the confines of the Twitter message. The possibilities that come with this, of course, are delightful to think about. Notice that one of your Twitter friends is having a bad day? Cheer them up with a Twitter-fied version of Wolfenstein 3D! How can you not love that?

In fact, the only negative we can really think of with this is that might make Twitter even more addictive than it already is. Just think of how hard it is already for some people to leave their Twitter feed alone. Imagine how much that’s going to be exacerbated now that games have been mixed into the site’s cocktail of addiction.

Source: Wired

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