A new report suggests that the PAL region’s emerging markets are worth more than $2 billion.

According to a new report published by Screen Digest, emerging PAL markets, which includes, Greece, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, generated $2.6 billion in hardware and software sales, showing growth in a year that European game sales were in decline.

The report credits the development of malls and shopping centers as one of the factors responsible for the growth. The report also showed that the PlayStation brand is largely dominant, with the PS2 claiming an install base of 11 million.

The PS3 is the currently the most popular current generation console with an install base of 1.4 million, although Microsoft’s is investing in Russia, South Africa and Poland in order to compete.

Nintendo, the report finds, is yet to make the same level of investment in the region, although the Wii’s popularity has gained it a foothold in some areas.

Source: Gamasutra

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