Cross-platform developer Emote Games gets venture capital investment.

Emote Games, an upstart specialist games production company specializing in cross-platform development, has received an investment of £4 million (approximately $8 million) from venture capital firm Electra Quoted Management Limited to help fund company growth while it undertakes efforts to raise further funds. Working with brand creators and developers, Emote’s business model addresses the challenges created by the transition from retail to download and from hardware to virtual publishing platforms. The company’s model will provide technology expertise and infrastructure for titles across these different software outlets. Emote is seeking to build production partnerships to establish its brand and portfolio.

“Amid the rapid convergence of entertainment types in a maturing download market, the time is right for the introduction of the production based model. “We are looking to assist our partners in exploiting their I.P. both operationally and financially. This initial investment from Electra Quoted Management will enable us to deliver our strategy and take advantage of these current market opportunities,” said Morgan O’Rahilly, Chief Executive Officer at Emote.

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