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We won’t be seeing Matt Reeve’s The Batman any time soon as production has been completely halted on the project, but an interesting new detail has dropped thanks to Andy Serkis.

Serkis, who will star as Alfred Pennyworth, discussed the upcoming film with LADbible indicating that The Batman will indeed be a darker movie than those that came before it.

The darker tone of the film has been hinted at in previous interviews with both Reeves and Colin Farrell, which has lead to much speculation from fans and critics. When Serkis was asked if fans were right to be expecting a darker Batman film he told the publication “that’s not far from the truth.”

More interestingly, Serkis indicated that the “emotional connection” between Bruce Wayne and Alfred will be at the center of the film. The actor didn’t share any more details regarding the plot, but went on to describe Matt Reeve’s script for the film as “exquisite”.

The movie was halfway through production when it was shut down because of COVID-19. Since then no work has been done and Serkis says it will be interesting to pick it back up and see where it stands once the global shutdown concludes, whenever that will be.

The Batman is still scheduled to release on October 21, 2021.

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