Enhance Your Energy — Here’s Every Stardrop Location in Stardew Valley

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Want more energy in Stardew Valley? There’s a way to increase your maximum instantaneously; all you need are Stardrop Fruit. These exceedingly rare consumables are pretty hard to find, so we’ve put together a list explaining how to earn all seven guaranteed drops.

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All Stardrop Locations Guide

Stardrops are special fruit consumables that increase your maximum energy by 34 points. They’re very rare and can only be obtained through select challenges and secrets.

Stardrop #1: Stardew Valley Fair

The easiest Stardrop to find is found at the Stardew Valley Fair. This fair occurs annually on the 16th of Fall in Pelican Town.

The vendor sells the Stardrop Fruit for 2,000 tokens. By that measurement, you’ll need to place 1st in the Showcase twice — 1st place gives 1,000 tokens.

The Fishing Minigame is the easiest game to earn tokens in, but also one of the slowest. Try your luck at the other games to scavenge up 2,000 tokens. This might take several years and revisits to earn enough.

Stardrop #2: The Secret Woods

One Stardrop is found in the secret woods. This hidden area is south of your farm with a secret entrance located in the northwest corner of Cindersnap Forest.

Once you’ve upgraded to the Steel Axe, you can cut through the fallen log blocking your path. The secret woods contain renewable wood resources. The trees here regrow daily.

This area also houses a strange statue called Old Master Cannoli. He wants the sweetest thing — find it by purchased the Rare Seed from the Travelling Cart. The cart appears on Friday and Sunday in Cindersnap Forest.

Plant the Rare Seed in Fall to acquire the Sweet Gem Berry. Take it to the statue and offer it to gain a Stardrop.

Stardrop #3: The Mines

The Mines hold a deep secret; another Stardrop Fruit! To get this one, you’ll need to reach Level 100 and search the chests.

To enter the mines, search the map northeast from the Carpenter’s Shop. After the fifth day on the farm, you’ll receive a letter which opens the path to the mines.

When exploring the mines, kill monsters or break rocks until a ladder appears. Sometimes, you’ll need to clear the entire area of monsters before you can continue.

There are 120 levels, and level 100 will always contain one Stardrop chest.

Stardrop #4: Marriage

Getting married is a big step in your Stardew Valley adventures. If you do choose a paramour, you’ll need to fulfill some requirements first.

Follow these steps to get married. Learn more about this feature on the 1Stardew Valley Marriage Guide.

  • 1. Unlock the first Farmhouse upgrade.
  • 2. Repair the bridge to the coral beach in the southeast corner of the map. It requires 300 wood to repair.
  • 3. Talk to the NPC Vendor when it is Raining. It costs 5,000 gold to purchase the Mermaid Pendant.

Now that you have the pendant, gift it to your marriage prospect when they are Heart Level 10. If they’re maxed out, they will always accept the offer.

Continue to give gifts and increase your spouse’s heart level until it is 12-13. Talk to them, and the spouse will give you a Stardrop Fruit as a gift.

Stardrop #5: The Sewers

One particular vendor hidden in the sewers sells a Stardrop Fruit for 20,000g. That’s a lot of cash, but getting into the sewers is a tricky job too.

To enter the sewers, you’ll need to earn the Rusty Key by donating 60 artifacts to the Museum. The Museum accepts special artifacts — these unique items don’t sell for much and aren’t used for crafting.

To find artifacts, use the hoe on dirt with worms popping out. Dig in the mines or kill monsters, or fish for treasure chests in water areas.

Once you’ve donated 60 artifacts, take the Rusty Key to one of the two sewer entrances. One is located south of Pelican Town, while the other is a large grate south of Cindersnap Forest.

The monster located in the sewers is named Krobus. He’ll always have a Stardrop Fruit in his inventory to sell.

Stardrop #6: Master Angler

If you catch every fish in the valley, Willy will send a letter congratulating you and providing you with a Stardrop.

Fish are caught in a number of locations at a number of times. Fish at every time of the year, and every location. That includes the pond in Floor 100 of the mines, in the sewers, or in the secret forest.

Certain fish can only be caught with the crab pot instead of a pole. All crab pot fishing is done in freshwater or the sea. No special locations required here.

There are five legendary fish that are the hardest to find in the game and only appear in very specific locations. These legendary fish can be caught once and never appear again.

  • Angler: Fall Only. Go to the wooden bridge north of Joja Mart. Cast the pole north while standing in the center.
  • Crimsonfish: Summer Only. Go to the East Pier beach and cast into the shallow water from the shore.
  • Glacierfish: Winter Only. 6AM-11PM. Snowy Weather. Cast into the deep water on the south end of Arrowhead Island.
  • Legend: All Seasons. 6AM-11PM. Rainy Weather. Cast into the lake dividing the area in the mountains location where you’ll find the mines entrance.
  • Mutant Carp: No Requirements. Cast into the sewers water for a chance to catch the monster fish.

Stardrop #7: The Museum

The final task to earn a Stardrop Fruit is perhaps the trickiest outside collecting every fish. To earn this fruit, you’ll need to collect every artifact for the Museum’s collection.

You’ll need to turn in 95 items to complete the collection. Along with artifacts, there are minerals and books to donate. Minerals are mostly located in the mines, where artifacts and books can be found by digging squares with wiggling worms.

All minerals can be found in the mines. Check every resource crystal and panhandle the water for more minerals on each level.

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