Bayonetta 2: Video Walkthrough & Boss Strategies Guide



Enter the strange world of Bayonetta 2 with the GameFront gang’s walkthrough, showing you how to defeat every punishingly hard boss battle in it’s lengthy campaign.

Once again you take on the role of Bayonetta, a witch with incredible combat prowess as she fights angelic enemies. Platinum brings it’s signature surreal and over-the-top style to the proceedings, where combat takes place on walls, in the air, or falling from the sky.

It’s brutally tough and comically outrageous, so if you’re falling behind and need a helping hand to overcome the odds get the tips in our game guide.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Prologue: World of Chaos

Mini-Boss: Belief

After dealing with the Centaurs, Paradiso sends a bigger bad guy to deal with Bayonetta. This lumbering one-armed giant chases Bayonetta down on top of a moving train.

Phase 1:

This is the first mini-boss in Bayonetta, so it’s important to get down the basics. He isn’t very hard, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice. Dodging is Bayonetta’s most important offensive and defensive skill.

Dodging right before an attack will help you avoid it, and unleash Witch Time – slowing down time for a moment and allowing you to safely counter-attack.

Always watch for tells. Later in the game you’ll be able to purchase skills like Air Dodge, Dodge Offset, Bat Within, Crow Within, etc that will further improve your dodging ability, offering more leeway and improving their defensive ability.

It’s important to understand every bosses’ attacks, when to dodge, and when to punish them with a good string of combos. The more combos you have, the more meter you’ll built to unlock Umbran Climax, which powers up your attacks significantly and increases their range.

The first phase is fairly easy. Hit it with combo strings, Evade through its attacks, and you’ll get to phase 2.


Tentacle Swing: While running along the side of the train, Belief will throttle one tentacle length-wise across the top of the train. Evade through it or jump over as it rears back. You should see Belief flash gold before it attacks.

Tentacle Slam: Once Bayonetta knocks Belief away, it’ll chase behind the train and try to catch on. Hit the hanging tentacle hard and it’ll attempt to follow-up by slamming down across the full length. You have to Evade through the tentacle to avoid damage – enter Witch Time and punish Belief’s offending tentacle while it sits still.

Rail Switch: After a tentacle swing or two, Belief will switch sides by rolling across it. Again, this is telegraphed so be prepared with an Evade. Time it right and you’ll have time to attack in Witch Time while it’s slowed.

Green Goo Barf: During the second phase of the fight Belief’s face will crackle open and launch a giant green blob at Bayonetta. If you’re caught, you’ll be stunned for several moments. Waggle the left stick to break free.

Phase 2:

Stepping off the train, Bayonetta has to deal with Belief on foot. You’re not face-to-face with him anymore, so this is where the fight gets a little trickier.

Luckily Jeanne is here to back you up. Attack the legs and it’ll be forced to try to stomp you away. Don’t let it – keep hamming the legs, Evade through the stomp, then Umbran Climax while in Witch Time to put this big guy down.

Stun him enough and Jeanne will help out with a Punish attack, making this fight even shorter. When his health is bottomed out, hit the Climax to enter the second boss fight in this stage.


Foot Stomp: The easiest attack to Evade through, Belief telegraphs by rising a foot up menacingly. Just Evade and hit him back to catch Belief in a stun-lock. Keep hitting him and juggling with P+P+P-K combos and he’ll barely be able to retaliate.

Tentacle Slam: If you’re far away, this is Belief’s preferred attack. Faster than before, it’s better to avoid this one all together by getting in close and hitting Belief’s stubby legs.

Boss: Gomorrah

Something isn’t right in Inferno. Instead of working with Bayonetta, this massive demonic Tyranno takes Jeanne’s soul. It’s coming for Cereza next, so be prepared for a real fight this time.

Phase 1 (Only):

For this section of the fight, Bayonetta flies while Gomorrah climbs. He has a limited number of attacks, so get in close and attack his snout, Evading through the attacks listed below.

Evade through his bite attack, Umbran Climax, and keep hitting him as he climbs until you reach the top.

At the top of the spire his attacks become more frenetic, frenzied, and tricky to predict. He likes circling the top, so be prepared to Evade even if you don’t see an attack incoming.

Wait for the bite and keep hitting, if you get in enough hits to stun it you’ll be able to Punish then Climax to bring the fight to a close.


Claw / Tail Swing: The most basic attack. He rears back and slams his claw into the building. Don’t let it hit you, or you’ll go flying back. He’ll swing his tail too once he reaches the top of the tower.

Giant Chomp: Don’t get this attack confused with a roar. Wait for Gomorrah’s mouth to open wide while backing up. When he lunges forward, dodge and hit him hard with Umbran Climax. He pauses longest after the chomp, giving Bayonetta plenty of time to hit him.

Energy Bubble Roar: His trickiest attack. When his mouth opens, red energy will begin to collect. Evade backwards to avoid the explosion – it’s actually tricky to Evade out of this one, it takes slightly longer than it looks to dodge.


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Chapter 3: Paradiso – The Gates of Time

Boss: Glamor

Loki’s in trouble! Looks like Bayonetta has some saving to do. The fight takes you through the entire chapter, starting in a water funnel and leading all the way up to the Gates of Paradise.

Phase 1:

Inside the funnel Glamor likes keeping far ahead of Bayonetta. Use guns (Love is Blue) to keep the pressure on and damage him while he’s far out of range.

Mostly, he likes to whip his tail and drop debris in your path. Dodges out of the way and keep shooting to reach the trickier phases of the chapter.

The only opportunity for close-range attacks comes after it’s bite. Evade and enter Witch Time to get in a few combos.


Tail Whip: While Glamor is far ahead of Bayonetta, it swings it’s tail in a predictable pattern in and out of the water. Watch for it emerging below and keep dodging – the hit box for this Evade is pretty generous, but it won’t reward you with Witch Time.

Debris: Normally you’ll get a good view of incoming chunks of building, so maneuver out of the way to avoid damage. Just like a normal attack you can Evade straight through these objects.

Bite Lunge: This attack is much faster than it looks. When Glamor opens its mouth in the distance, be prepared to Evade the second it moves. Evade at the right moment and you’ll get Witch Time. This is your only chance to hit the boss with melee attacks, so go nuts.

Phase 2:

Transitioning inside the water funnel, Glamor adds some new attacks to it’s repertoire while keeping all the old tricks. Every attack from before makes an appearance, so be prepared to fight.


Ice Barrage: In addition to all the other abilities, Glamor summons a series of ice spears. Evade through them to earn Witch Time and return fire with your preferred guns.

Debris – Part 2: This time the debris come in even larger structures. Don’t Evade through these, they’re so big you’ll take a hit while phasing through.

Phase 3:

Welcome to the Gates of Paradise. Two more Glamors appears to give you trouble while Bayonetta flies through the air.

They have a limited number of attacks, so keep the pressure on and aim for the plaster white faces on the chests.


Fast Bite: Instead of a lunging bite, these add-on Glamors lower their heads before swinging them toward Bayonetta. Evade straight through as they come back up.

Ice Barrage: This time, the barrage of ice spears are generated directly from the mouth. Dodge through one and you’ll instantly move toward the boss’ gaping maw, giving you a few moments of Witch Time to really hit them hard.

Gold Feathers: Metal feathers will teleport around Bayonetta – later on in series – and glow before hitting. Wait for the sound of shattering crystal then Evade at their brightest to escape the hit.

Phase 4:

Discarding the other two, Bayonetta reaches her target. The main Glamor has more tricks up it’s sleeves, but should feel familiar to the last two.

It likes flying away, so perfectly Evade attacks to instantly zip closer into face-punching range. Keep shooting with Love is Blue to keep a constant trickle of damage, while saving Umbran Climax after it attempts to bite.

This is it! Bring it down and save Loki to end the chapter.


Tail Whip: When Glamor flies backwards, it coils up like a snake before spinning it’s tail out like a whip from the right side of the screen.

Lunge Bite: A good time to Evade and hit him hard. He pauses the longest after this attack, giving Bayonetta the window she needs to use Umbran Climax.

Claws x4: At medium range, Glamor swings it’s claws several times in sequence. Each is well telegraphed, but if you’re caught in a Witch Time spiral the next swing might catch you off guard when time returns to normal. Keep Evading it’s lumbering swings and you’ll appear right in it’s face.

Golden Feathers: Once again, it attempts to summon waves of metal feather spikes around Bayonetta. Wait for them to glow their brightest, then dodge out of the way. Too soon and you’ll get caught in the trap.


Table of Contents

Chapter 4: The Two Meet

Boss: Masked Lumen

Your white-clothed rival stands between Bayonetta and Loki. This guy has skills just like Bayonetta, and you’ll punish the player for being too slow. T

his battle, and future battles, are all about effectivily evading, watching for tells, and hammering the Lumen when he’s vulnerable.

Phase 1:

During this first phase, the Lumen Sage faces off against Bayonetta in hand-to-hand (and magic) combat. He uses a variety of moves, and loves to switch up his combos or retreat.

Be prepared for him to attack at any moment. Use Evade to quickly cancel out of combos – if you’ve purchased Dodge Offset, you can continue the combo after dodging.

Not only is Balder fast, he can turn into a Wolf to quickly move around the arena. Just watch out, usually this means he’s circling in for a quick bite attack.

Go all out – offense is the best defense in a fight like this. Evade, then strike. Get into the groove of his moments, it’s better to hit a preemptive dodge than get caught in a combo string.

Fast close-range weapons work best here. The Rakshasa is the right kind of weapon – built your meter and unleash Umbran Climax.

Unlike other bosses, the Masked Lumen is stunned by regular attacks. Using Umbran Climax will stun-lock him, especially if you perform an air-juggle combo.


Fire Barrage / Flame Spire: When Balder holds out his hand, he’ll either summon a spire of fire from the ground or create five fireballs and launch them.

Wolf Fang: Balder will transform into his wolf form and attack Bayonetta if she gets close. Better to keep your distance or shoot with a gun attack until he transforms back.

Shock Orb: If his magical ring flashes blue, be prepared for a large ball of electricity. It’s fairly slow moving (for an attack in this game) so it can be dodged without an evade if you time the jump right.

Spear Combo: He spear attacks vary, but he’ll enter into a 3-4 hit combo if he catches Bayonetta off-guard. This is his most common attack up-close and he’ll pull these low-damage attacks out at a moment’s notice. They’re designed to knock Bayonetta back so he can unleash more powerful magic spells.

Spear Lunge: If the Sage holds his spear outward, dodge to avoid his quick thrust attack. He’ll pause for a moment after completing the forward-slide, giving you some extra time to retaliate.

Paradiso Summon: Like Bayonetta’s summon attacks, the Sage will spawn a massive boot from the sky or a claw to swipe her away. These are common powers he’ll mix in with a combo, so watch for a golden glow from his hands and evade.

Phase 2:

Do enough damage, and the Sage summons his own giant climactic monster to the fight. Bayonetta’s Infernal Summon fights back, but his creature will periodically splinter away and attack Bayonetta personally.

Otherwise, the Lumen mostly uses the same attacks. Don’t let the raging battle in the background distract you too much – just keep an eye watching for movement, when the giant monster turns to face it’s master, it will unleash a massive blast on the arena.


Paradiso Summon: During the fight, the Masked Lumen will raise his hands to the sky and stand still. This means he’s about to command his summoned monster to attack! Lay into the Sage with combos to interrupt the charge-ability.

Air Juggle: More often than before the Masked Lumen will try to swing upward and catch Bayonetta defenseless in the air. Unlock the Air Dodge in the store to make it slightly easier to escape.

Phase 3:

In the final part of this fight you’ll do battle with the Masked Lumen in the sky. He’s even faster than before, using the Shock Orb even more frequently.

The Masked Lumen can dodge most normal attacks while standing still. He’ll phase and teleport away, so try to wait for an attack, dodge, then retaliate. Using gun attacks while waiting is a good way to keep him preoccupied, too.

His summon attack returns, so be prepared to hit him hard while he pauses to command the giant monster in the background.


Kinetic Blast: Hit the Lumen hard enough and he’ll blast the surrounding area with an instant wave of energy. It always knocks Bayonetta back and usually leads to his Summon or another magical attack.

Phase 4:

The final phase is totally unique. This time you’ll be in control of Madam Butterfly! You only have two attacks – a right hook and a left hook. Alternate between the two when you get close to finish the giant monstrosity off.

Hit dodge when the creature attempts to swing it’s right arm. You get Witch Time here too, so keep jamming on [X] and [A] to defeat him and end the chapter.


Punch: While weakened the behemoth only has one attack during this phase of the battle. Use Evade to dodge if you see the arm moving.


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Chapter 5: The Cathedral of Cascades

Mini-Boss: Pain

This tough enemy becomes more common later in the game, but for now this guy can present a challenge by himself.

He has a simple array of attacks. Consider this practice for bigger bad-guys down the line. It’s all about waiting for his slow attacks and evading.

If you avoid getting hit long enough, you can stun Pain from behind and smash his health down with a Torture Attack.


Wheel Swing: It’s most basic attack consists of a simple swing. Either pulling back and swiping from the left or right. Either way a simple dodge will get you out of it’s path.

Two-Punch: Sometimes it follows up with a second swing. Don’t let it catch you off-guard when Witch Time runs out!

Shield Smash: Standing directly ahead of him, he’ll sometimes clang both shield / wheels together to pincer you. Evade right through it, it doesn’t last long enough to hit even once Witch Time wears off.


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Chapter 6: The Bridge to the Heavens

Boss: Valor

It’s never that easy. Valor shows up and destroys your bridge in about a second. Pay him back by kicking his butt in the ensuing chapter-long battle.

Phase 1:

Valor dives down into the massive cathedral where the first part of the boss battle takes place. He throws back his arm before each swing, giving you just enough time to predict his attacks.

Keep the pressure on by shooting him when he’s too far away. Go for the face, but hitting anywhere on his over-sized armor body works.

When Valor dives out of the tower, he cuts straight through stone to get at Bayonetta. Mash the key on-screen, there’s no escaping this QTE. After the first time, expect a surprise attack.

Keep hitting him until you both land in the waters below.


Sword Swing: A basic attack with his right arm. When it raises up, be prepared to dodge. This usually follows after his shield attack while attacking the headless torso.

Shield Swing: Valor holds his face up to protect his chest. Attack the face until it swipes backwards and flies forward again. Very similar to the sword swing.

Shield Ride: Dashing far away, Valor will ride his shield like a hover-board and come flying for you. Very similar to his Sword Shot attack, but you’ll have more time to prepare a dodge.

Sword Shot: If Valor backs away, be prepared for the Shield Ride or Sword Shot attack. The Shield Ride is very obvious, so if you don’t see him riding his shield, he’ll instead shoot the sword straight forward. It’s surprisingly fast!

Tower Ambush: Leaving the tower, Valor will return with a surprise attack. Wait to see the dust as he reappears then quickly dodge to escape this surprise attack.

Phase 2:

Underwater, Valor is much more mobile. Instead of falling standing still (in a matter of speaking) he moves back and forth, switching up his attacks more often.

He loses the ranged Shield Ride, Sword Shot, and Ambush attacks, but gains some different skills to keep Bayonetta guessing.

Unlike before, this phase is a much more active fight. Keep up the pressure, there’s nothing like gravity to keep Bayonetta back now.

To defeat this monster, bring his health down, then prepare for a swinging-sword attack. To win, hit the Climax buttons to counter-attack and complete the chapter.


Sword Strike: Just like before, Valor raises his shield. After a golden glint, he swings. Either horizontally or vertically – either way, a Dodge will leave him vulnerable.

Spinning Forward: There isn’t as much room to fight down here, so instead of riding his shield at range, he spins forward and creates a funnel of water. Like the Shield Ride, there’s just enough time to dodge before he unleashes the attack, allowing Bayonetta to hit him in slow-mo while he passes by.


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Chapter 7: The Ark

Boss: Insidious

While riding the Ark, one of Inferno’s giant monsters comes for Loki. As the battle starts, the monster raises each fin.

Phase 1:

Starting on the Ark, move toward the huge mechanical eye blinking on the back-end of Insidious’ fin. It shoots huge blasts of purple energy in a straight line and curves it across the top deck of the Ark.

Dodge directly through it and move in for close-range combat. You should gain some Witch Time, allowing you to transform and zip in close.

When the eye flops out, stunned, you’ll get a chance to Punish it for high damage. Every time this happens, Bayonetta will be launched back. Dodge any ranged beams, then transform to get close and continue your assault.


Eye Beam: Each fin sports a massive eye. These are the targets you need to destroy, but they also fire huge deadly energy from far away. The beam is pretty big, but still perfectly safe to dodge through.

Homing Orbs: Still at range, Insidious fires a handful of purple orbs that home-in on Bayonetta. They’re slow, so let them approach and dodge to avoid.

Tentacle Whips: A series of tentacles spring out around the eye when you get close. Watch for the tentacles to glow bright red. The glowing tentacles strike first. Sometimes the tentacles will shoot lasers, too!

Blink Smash: The giant lid surrounding the mechanical eye pauses, rumbles, then slams shut to get Bayonetta away while attacking up-close. When the tentacles retract, be prepared.

Phase 2:

After two Punish attacks Insidious spins it’s fins and attacks from afar. Dodge the incoming missiles by transforming [Dodge x2] and keeping away, and be prepared for a second fin spin.

When the second eye appears, be prepared for a similar encounter just like Phase 1. The eye brings a handful of new attacks to watch out for, including a knock back that should be avoided.

Whittle down Insidious’ health until he flies back and fires another array of missiles. Dodging those leads to Insidious’ ultimate attack – sucking Bayonetta inside it’s mouth!

Get close and press the button prompt to punish Insidious. That leads directly into Phase 3.


Fin Spin: After two Punish attacks Insidious spins around. This is a massive attack, and tricky to escape without a well-timed dodge. He does it again after using the Homing Missile.

Homing Missiles: Between each fin spin Insidious fires an array of slow-moving homing missiles. They can be avoided by transforming and moving fast. No dodges required, but those work too.

Tentacle Spin: Every tentacle attached to the eye will form at the center of the pupil and spin outward. Whether you dodge or not Bayonetta gets thrown backward and Insidious always follows up with the Vertical Eye Beam.

Vertical Eye Beam: Following the Tentacle Spin, Insidious unleashes a vertical panning Eye Beam. Dodge left or right to avoid it, but it comes much faster than the Eye Beam from Phase 1.

Phase 3:

The eyeball exits the fin on a long stalk, making it much more mobile than before. Now the giant face of Insidious will also launch barrages of missiles while fighting the eye.

Just like the previous Phase, expect to see all the same moves returning. This time, the eye will retreat while shooting off eight lasers at once.

Bring it’s health down to zero then wait for Insidious’ eye to open up like a mouth. This is your chance to hit Climax and end the boss battle.


Figure-Eight Lasers: One of it’s tricky new moves is using every tentacle while retreating away, instantly putting distance between the eye and Bayonetta. While at range the tentacles swing a complicated array of lasers.

Missile Barrage: When the camera shifts to face the central face, dodge through the missiles and resume hitting it’s fin-eye with close-range attacks.

Boss: Masked Lumen

The Lumen Sage is back in the center of Insidious! This guy doesn’t want to quit. He’s tougher than before, but brings most of his old moves. The same strategy works – go offensive and make liberal use out of the Evade move.

Phase 1:

The Sage has his own version of Witch Time. Sage Time is activated when Bayonetta is caught in a golden beam of light he shoots straight forward.

Dodge through his attacks then hit him hard while Witch Time is active. Just like the first time, but it doesn’t hurt to go into the fight with extra health items.

Offense works best. Why? If your attacks him while the Masked Lumen attempts to fight-back, he can be stunned and launched backwards. Bring swords and you can out-range him in close-combat, interrupting his attacks.

Don’t push too hard – watch for his golden shield defense. This always leads into the Sage Time beam. It helps to unlock Air-Dodge to escape his juggle attacks. If you’re launched, use an Evade to escape.


Sage Time: Attacking too hard leads to the Lumen raising a circular shield. Attack the shield again or stand still too long and he’ll shoot a beam of light straight forward. If you’re caught in this attack, Bayonetta while be stuck moving in slow-motion while the Sage attacks in full-speed.

Summon Punch: Like his normal attacks, this one comes up incredibly fast. Watch for the giant figure to appear above the Masked Lumen.

Homing Barrage: When the Lumen Sage jumps up, be prepared for him to summon five homing orbs.

Phase 2:

Following the cutscene Masked Lumen summons his own monster. That means he also attacks much, much faster than before.

He loves to dodge during this sequence. Watch out when he teleports away, usually that means he’ll fire off a Sage Time attack.

Either way, he’s even more aggressive than before. Dodge his attacks to build magic meter and use your Umbran Climax to keep him stuck in stunning combos. Bring purple lollipops and save them for this section if it’s particularly tough.


Paradiso Summon: Just like the first fight back in the city the Sage will periodically call upon his monster to shoot the arena.


Table of Contents

Chapter 8: An Ancient Civilization

Mini-Boss: Golem

This tough enemy appears twice in the campaign and takes on many different forms during each fight. He takes a lot to bring down, so unleashing Umbran Climax will often lead to a stun.

When the tiny orb is revealed that’s your cue to hit it with everything you’ve got.


Crystal Form: The basic form of the Golem boss. This form summons lasers on it’s four cardinal direction points, while spinning like a drill.

Sword Form: Eventually the Golem will transform into a sword-on-a-stand. This strange shape loves juggling Bayonetta in the air before bringing it’s blade back down.


Table of Contents

Chapter 9: The Gates of Hell

Mini-Boss: Golem

The Golem returns with another powerful form. The Crystal and Sword shapes return, but not it moves around the arena as a massive four-legged animal.

Dodge when the bird form spins into the ground to leave it stunned. Or watch for the bull to summon a massive golden blast. You’ll have time to dodge through the main beam and attack him from the side.


Bird Form: In it’s first form, the Golem spreads it’s wings and shoots sonic blasts. Otherwise, it uses an overhead swing, or drills into the ground and leaves itself temporarily vulnerable.

Bull Form: Dish out enough damage and it transforms into a larger bull shape. This one jumps around the arena, firing off lasers and shifting positions between rapid charges.

Boss: The Prophet

A strange villain appears alongside the Masked Lumen. This creature doesn’t want Bayonetta to reach Inferno. Whatever he wants you’re going to have to deal with him. He’s incredibly powerful, so be prepared for a tough fight.

The Prophet starts with Bayonetta flying in the air. That means you won’t be able to air-juggle. Focus on watching his arm movements and dodging his fast attacks.

His moves are big, but they’re quick. Be prepared to dodge and watch out for the Prophet when he knocks you back and puts space between you. Keep the pressure on by shooting but the Prophet often shields himself.

Do enough damage and the Prophet will unleash a few new attacks. It comes after he summons up a tower and throws it at Bayonetta.

The battle doesn’t last as long as one against the Lumen Sage. The Prophet goes down faster but fights harder and harder. It helps to watch for the Prophet’s tells, build the magic meter, and unleash Umbran Climax.


Hand-Clap: Summoning his fists from both sides the Prophet slams his palms together. The shockwave separates Bayonetta from the Prophet, leaving you open for another attack.

Fist Beam: At range, the Prophet pushes both fists forward and fires a linear beam. The fists will linger a moment before the beam launches, giving you a moment to escape the attack.

Hook: As common as the Fist Beam – this simple punch attack happens often. Usually it comes after a Fist Beam, or right before he shields himself.

Shockwave: When spreading his arms and pointing downward at an angle, be prepared to dodge to escape an annoying shockwave. Like the hand-clap it knocks you back and forces Bayonetta to chase after the Prophet.

Debris Throw: After throwing the giant tower at Bayonetta the Prophet will start throwing balls of stone bricks forward. This slower version of the beam hits harder. Wait for the debris projectile to appear over the boss’ head then dodge.

Debris Sword: Instead of throwing a boulder of junk, he’ll form a huge sword and swing it horizontally. Because she’s flying be ready to dodge through the bat-swing.


Table of Contents

Chapter 11: Inferno and Its Ruler

Boss: Alraune

Another chapter, another lengthy boss fight. Alraune is the closest thing you’ll encounter to Inferno’s ruler. To save Jeanne, you’re going to have to take care of this talkative demon.

Phase 1:

For the first part of the fight, you’ll face Alraune in her human-ish form. Here she fights similar to other bosses like the Lumen Sage. She attacks fast and unleashes several unique magic attacks to mix things up.

Unlike the Masked Lumen she won’t flinch nearly as much if you attack her. That means going completely wild with offensive attacks doesn’t work quite as well.

But, she doesn’t have as many defensive abilities either. Namely, she won’t summon up a shield and try to slow-down time. That’s a big plus.

Some of her attacks can’t be interrupted at all, so watch your combos carefully. When a shield appears over her, you’ll know she won’t flinch. Her attacks will punch straight through your’s, so the only option is to evade.


Claw Combo: Her basic claw attacks. She’ll use these whenever you’re close. They deal minimum damage, but she can catch you in a three-hit combo and send Bayonetta flying back, leaving her open to other attacks.

Flower Summon: To make matters trickier, Alraune will summon two demonic flowers that barf green goo on the ground. Dodge away from them and shoot or strike during Witch Time to quickly kill the summoned monsters before focusing on Alraune.

Thorn Stomp: In close-combat Alraune will launch herself in the air before coming crashing down, generating a ring of thorns in a circle on the ground.

Violet Whip: TWatch for the massive spiny whip as it’s generated in her hand, and wait patiently for her to try and crack it. It isn’t as fast as other attacks, so give her a moment before attempting to dodge.

Whip Kick: Unlike the summoned whip, these kicks are almost instantaneous. At medium range, she’ll hop up and kick, creating a whip that lashes forward. Wait to dodge mid-jump and you should safely avoid these annoying attacks.

Claw Lunge: When Alraune reaches back with both hands, her fingers will flash red, indicating she’s about to lunge forward and attack. Watch out, this attack can’t be interrupted. She’ll take damage, but it won’t stop the attack from hitting Bayonetta.

Phase 2:

Take her down and she’ll grow even bigger while absorbing Jeanne. Time to take this flowery demon down for good.

Her scorpion torso and claws might be big, but she’s even faster than before. When she raises her limbs, be prepared for a swipe or two in quick succession.

She’s a formidable opponent with a handful of devastating attacks. Dodging is paramount to build your magic meter and unleashing Umbran Climax, which knocks the giant monster around like nothing.

Stunning the boss allows Bayonetta to automatically attempt to pull open the container holding Jeanne. It doesn’t work, but it will hurt the boss.

Don’t forget to use your collected crafting items in the menu! Mix up green or purple lollipops to keep your health and magic up.


Claw Swipe: As her clawed limbs rise up she’ll swing horizontally. Sometimes this comes with a leap forward, so don’t think you’re safe even while far away or behind it.

Stinger: When her tail coils back and her hind legs raise, watch out for the stinger as it plunges into the ground. This always lands directly ahead of Alraune.

Magical Blast: Forming a purple circle in her hands, she’ll launch an orb of energy that explodes on contact. Watch out – just dodging the blast isn’t good enough, the explosion as it hits the ground can also damage Bayonetta. This attack, thankfully, can be interrupted while it’s charging.

Belly Flop: If Alraune launches up into the air, be prepared or her to come crashing right down. Dodge a moment after the leap and you’ll earn some Witch Time to attack. This attack leaves Alraune pretty vulnerable, so get in a good combo.

Soul Steal: Alraune jumps back and begins sucking Bayonetta into the crystal on her torso. There’s no way to avoid this, just let her suck you in then quickly waggle the left stick to escape.

Tail Spin: If you’re a few lengths away from Alraune, she’ll attempt to swat Bayonetta with her tail. Dodge through the tail and use the long recovery time to hit the boss hard in the back.

Machinegun Magic: Keep bringing the boss’ health down, and she’ll use a few desperation attacks. When spreading her arms and showing her palms, she’ll fire a series of explosive magic bursts at the ground in an arc. Staying close to Alraune’s front will make this attack fly right over your head harmlessly.


Table of Contents

Chapter 12: The Lumen Sage

Boss: Balder

The man behind everything in Bayonetta 1 is back afterall. The Masked Lumen was just Balder in disguise – a younger version, trying to get revenge. Time to take care of him again, but this time he doesn’t have a laser satellite to help.

Phase 1:

Unlike the other fights against Balder he’s got a whole new set of attacks. Don’t completely rely on past knowledge.

He flies on angelic feathered wings, uses the same defensive shield, and summons huge Paradiso lances to hit Bayonetta from afar.

Along with his beefed up attack range, he can also move much faster on his wings. When he separates himself, keeping shooting with a gun to keep him on his toes. Like the previous fight he’ll summon a shield, but you’ll still hit him while he tries to summon up another attack.


Lance Lunge: Balder slides across the arena and summons a massive lance. This is a homing attack, so wait until he’s close before evading away.

Ground Spike: As Balder raises his arm, a gold circle will appear on the ground right before a lance blade springs upward. If you’re caught by the attack, you’ll be stuck in an air-juggle state. He uses this one often.

Sage Time: Like the second battle against the Masked Lumen, Balder will hold out one hand and launch a linear beam that stuns Bayonetta in slow-motion. Waggle the left stick rapidly to escape. He does this often, usually in retaliation for attacking his shield.

Juggle Back-Swing: His sword will appear low to the ground before swinging upward. If you’re caught by this attack, he’ll follow with a jump and catch you with a series of painful stabs. This is one of his most dangerous combos.

Sword Throw: Whether close or far away Balder will spawn a sword behind his back before launching it forward like a projectile.

Sword x3 Combo: If you let him, Balder will swing a massive sword three times. One left, one right, then an overhead smash. Dodge through it – the sword is big enough to cross most of the arena, then hit him in Witch Time to interrupt his combo.

Phase 2:

Bring him down to half-health and the arena will become untethered, shaking up the arena and making an already difficult fight worse with all the pandemonium going on in the background.

Predictably, Balder fights even harder and unleashes a few new moves. He’ll also step-up his defensive game, firing off more Sage Time beams, teleporting, and attempting to catch Bayonetta off guard with a volume of attacks.


Feather Barrage: One of his slowest moves, Balder creates a swarm of floating feathers over his head. With a command, each layer launches forward like homing missiles.

Fire Boulder: Another slower attack, this one is similar to Alraune’s purple energy summon. Hit Balder enough to interrupt it, or be prepared to dodge the projectile and the following explosion.


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Chapter 13: Vigrid, City of Deja Vu

Boss: Fortitudo

Fortitudo appears while teaming up with Rosa in a familiar courtyard from Bayonetta 1. While this fight isn’t as tough as the first game’s battle, the two-headed monster still puts up a fight here.

Staying out of the arena, it flies just out of reach and sends each dragon head to bite the ground. Watch out when it raises both legs and dives toward the ground. It’s huge body covers most of the arena, so a quick evade is the best option.

Fortitude loves staying out of your attack range. Hold down the gun attack button when you’re not busy slashing up one of the dragons.

Avoid it’s attacks listed below and you’ll take this thing down with some help from Rosa.


Dragon Bite: Each of the two heads attempts to bite Bayonetta, one at a time. This leaves Fortitude vulnerable to counterattack, so it doesn’t hurt to bait him into biting so you’ll have some extra Witch Time to damage him If both heads rear back, both will attempt a bite at once.

Swoop: As it raises it’s chicken-legs, the beast swoops across the arena and damages anything it hits. This basically covers the entire ground. Dodging is your best bet.

Flamethrowers: Fire sparks from the dragon mouths before sweeping across the arena. Dodge backward and back away while firing a gun attack to escape and damage him safely.

Magma Beam: Do enough damage, and the main head’s mouth will open to fire a blast into the area. Keep moving as lava bursts around your feet and finally inundates the area. Stay near the ledge to avoid falling into the new magma around the fountain square.


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Chapter 14: The Witch Hunts

Boss: Sapientia

This stage is populated with returning bosses from Bayonetta 1. But this time Cereza is riding an ultra-powerful mechsuit, making each of the many boss battles in this chapter much easier than their original incarnations.

Even still, knowing how to fight this guy in Bayonetta 1 won’t help. His behavior is completely different now, he moves around the arena.

The suit can evade through attacks just like Bayonetta on-foot. If you want to hit enemies, including this boss and future ones in the chapter, use a simple [P+P~Hold~P] combo.

When Sapientia leaps away and unleashes it’s missile barrage, dodge then double-tap evade to quickly zip back into close-combat.

Hit Umbran Climax and this little fight comes to an end.


Bite Lunge: When facing you, the huge mouth will crack open before jumping forward. It takes a long time to charge up, so you should have plenty of time to dodge and hit the monster’s sides or legs while it tries to turn.

Tentacle Lasers: The face flips up and four tentacles appear. Each of the gross things shoots a concentrated laser beam. Dodge through it and keep hitting him!

Missile Leap: Making a quick escape, Sapientia flips away and launches of barrage of slow-moving homing missiles.

Boss: Worship

The flying battleship appears to give Umbran Witches everywhere a problem. This time you’ll be fighting in the sky, but there’s no way to get around the golden shield.

Dodge through the massive laser and Bayonetta will target the smaller, creepier faces on the sides. This little things only have one attack – they split open and a disgusting worm attempts to bite you. Be prepared to evade when the plaster face divides!

Kill both tiny faces to deal with Worship’s main core. Save your Umbran Climax meter to quickly tear the boss apart.


Face Biter: As Bayonetta evades Worship’s salvo, you’ll settle on the smaller faces on each side. Watch for their deadly bite attack. The creepy unmoving visage splits and a monstrous creature jumps out to bite Bayonetta.

Broadside: Do enough damage to each face and Worship will retreat to launch a deadly broadside. A mixture of slow dumb-bombs and homing missiles fly toward Bayonetta. Dodge through the first salvo then double-tap evade and zip in close to pass the rest.

Forward Cannons: During the last phase of the fight Worship only has one attack. He retreats and unleashes a huge array of missiles. Like the broadside attack, all you need to do is dodge through the first then move forward to escape.

Boss: Iustitia

Right as Worship goes own, Iustitia joins in and engages Bayonetta. It starts by attacking with it’s tentacle appendages, then quickly shifts to dealing with Bayonetta with it’s gross face floating in the rainbow-colored core.

This guy doesn’t have much health, but he sports a range of fast attacks you’ll have to dodge. Roll through it’s tentacle swings and evade the missiles to build your Umbran Climax and quickly end this fight.

Don’t forget that Umbran Climax upgrades your basic gun attack too. Keep shooting to really wreck Iustitia even when he’s far away.


Headbutt: As the central head in the center of Iustitia’s ball backs away, be prepared for it to speed forward head-first.

Rainbow Beam: While the center head stays still, the rest of the body will start spinning wildly in circles. Start moving left or right and shooting with your basic gun attack. Keep moving and you’ll avoid it.

Face-Straight: When the smaller tentacles with the angelic face glows, expect it to speed forward. Dodge left or right and you can deal some damage.

Thorn Bite: Like the straight, the thorn bite is a simple attack that comes from the left or right. Watch for the plant-like appendage to open.

Beams / Barrage: Instead of entering a headbutt attack, Iustitia may swarm it’s venus fly-trap tentacles or smaller face tentacles. The thorn vines shoot a chaotic spray of purple beams while the faces launch missiles.


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Chapter 15: Truth

Boss: Loptr

The young Prophet appears to deal with Bayonetta himself. Loptr sports a series of spectral arms that summon up rapid-fire magic attacks that effect a wide area of the arena.

Phase 1:

Magical markers will appear on the ground, usually color-coded to signify what type of attack you’ll deal with next.

Most of his close-combat attacks are totally killer, and he comes with a load of stunning attacks that can leave Bayonetta completely vulnerable. Avoid the ice and watch out for shrinking blue magical emblems.

While Loptr charges his area-effect attacks like Holy Rain and Ice Traps, you’ll have a small window to hit him. And, just like Balder, he usually protects himself with an annoying shield that breaks under combo attacks but deflects bullets.

Bring plenty of health items and use a combination of stunning attacks to keep Loptr down. Use [P+P+P~Charge~P] or any other charge attacks while he pauses to knock Loptr off his (floating) feet.


Six-Arm Shove: Loptr’s punches are slightly slower than other opponents like Balder. Watch for his spectral arms to ball-up into fists – all six of them. He’ll either push in every direction or shove directly forward.

Power Punches: Just like the shove attack Loptr’s fists raise up and punch forward. Usually they’ll appear on the left or right in groups of three.

Rapid-Fire Punches: Before you can even react Loptr will launch a killer barrage of powerful punches. Evade out of the stun to avoid taking too much damage.

Ice Traps: Watch for blue ice mines to appear on the ground. Touching or even dodging through these traps will stun Bayonetta. Waggle the left stick to escape.

Electricity Trap: Like the ice traps, watch out as a huge blue circle shrinks at Bayonetta’s feet. Dodge just as it shrinks around her to avoid getting stunned.

Holy Rain: Watch for yellow rings to appear. Dodge through or transform to get away before magical spikes rain down onto the arena.

Phase 2:

Do some damage and Loptr throws an asteroid special order from space. Mash the prompted key and you’ll enter phase 2 of the boss battle. Just like the first sequence, Loptr uses all the same moves along with a few new ones.

He’s even faster now, but this section can end fast with the right usage of Umbran Climax. Use purple lollipops or save the meter for this section, unleash it, and put this chapter down.


Fist Beam: Loptr’s glowing fists form into a beam and shoot forward. Predictable but damaging if it lands a hit.

Magic Orbs: Holding his arms in a wave pattern over his head, he’ll launch orbs one after another.


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Chapter 16: Sovereign Power

Boss: Loptr

The adult version of Loptr fights just like his younger incarnation. His floating arms aren’t visible, but they’re still there and ready to deliver a pounding to any player not quick on their toes with the evade button.

Loptr’s shield is stronger than ever. He swiftly moves around the arena and mixes up the battle with a complicated array of attacks. Staying alive means knowing how to dodge through his moves and knowing when to hit back.

Like Balder, it’s possible to stun and interrupt some of Loptr’s moves. Even when he isn’t affected, it’s still worthwhile to attack while he’s preparing a magic assault. Evade through it then continue your combo.

Keep the pressure on! Pop a few purple lollipops to build your meter, just don’t let it go to waste. Wait for him to pull off one of the larger attacks listed below, then go all out and keep him in a stunned / interrupted state for huge damage.


Fist Beam: Watch out as Loptr thrusts two fists forward and shoots a powerful beam of blue light straight forward.

Fist Shove: This defensive attack usually follows a blocked combo. Like his other versions, he’ll raise a shield if you don’t catch him off-guard.

Magic Whip: Like the beam, only this time he coils his arms forward and swings it in a wide horizontal arc. Dodge or jump to get away from it.

Holy Rain: Like the younger Loptr in the last chapter, he summons damaging gold spikes from the sky. Unlike that boss, these energy bolts have very little warning and even more randomness. Transform and dash out of the danger zone or evade to get clear.

Black Hole: Twisting his arms around in a double-helix shape, Lotpr summons a swirling vortex at his feet. Evade just as the vortex appears to escape being sucked in for a series of damaging hits. Stay away from it – it doesn’t move.

Ice Traps: This move is virtually identical to the previous Loptr fight. He summons a circle of ice mines and plants them in the ground. Get close and you’ll get covered in ice. Bait him out of the ring instead!

Beam Cutter: Lowering his fists to the ground then quickly swinging upward, he’ll launch two sets of two blades that fan across the arena at range. This move is especially easy to dodge, so evade twice for some extra magic meter.

Hand Clap: Like the shove, this damaging attack knocks Bayonetta away so Loptr can use his slower projectile attacks instead.

Final Boss: Aesir

This is it. Loptr has both eyes and transforms into the god Aesir. This is one big fight, so if you’re not feeling confident, be sure to stock up on health items or save crafting materials.

You can also mix up new items in combat at any time to help make this battle a little easier.

Phase 1:

In the first phase, Balder joins with Bayonetta to fight Aesir on a platform floating in some ethereal plane of existence – or just space. Whatever is going on, Aesir doesn’t mess around. He’s the toughest opponent yet, with more abilities and faster moves than ever before.

Like Loptr, Aesir floats and teleports while summoning magical fists to complete his attacks. This time the fists are bigger than he is, so expect huge hit-boxes. Usually that ends up being an advantage, just dodge just as his attacks begin and you’re almost guaranteed to enter Witch Time.

Aesir has a handful of mind-bending attacks, but thanks to Balder you’ll have some help for the first phase of the fight. Watch out for his red-magic spell that slows down the entire arena for a period of time. There’s no dodging it, you just have to interrupt him with an attack.

Do enough damage, and Aesir will summon bomber planes to drop their payloads on the arena. The explosions are preempted with white markers.

Aesir uses many of the same attacks as Loptr only more powerful. They’re noticeably larger in scope, so adjust your evades accordingly.


Kick Combo: One major difference between Aesir and Loptr is that this god-figure gets into the fight himself. He’ll leap into a punch-kick combo in close-combat, so be prepared!

Flying Swoop: Jumping into the sky and outside the boundaries of the arena leads to Aesir’s swoop attack, where he sweeps over the area.

Fist Shove: A simple attack similar to the one used with Loptr. He’ll attempt to knock you back with two flat palms pushing forward.

Sky Beam: Like the horizontal beam, this fast attack spawns a circular marker on the ground just before a killer space ray hits to arena. It has a relatively small area-of-effect compared to some of his other attacks.

Aesir Time: Watch for Aesir to summon red energy from his hands. Before he raises his hand, attack him to interrupt the spell or you’ll be trapped in slow-motion for a short duration.

Lightning Orb: In an instant, Aesir can stun Bayonetta and trap her inside an orb. Once caught, he’ll summon extra homing orbs to hit. Break free with some serious left-stick waggling and evade.

Phase 2:

Once Aesir has had enough of Balder’s meddling he’ll summon a space laser from Platinum’s other bonkers game The Wonderful 101 to blast the arena. Now Bayonetta has to continue the fight alone, flying in space.

He loses some attacks but gains others. Most of his skills are retained in the second section of the fight, but you’ll have to be extra careful without Balder distracting him.

Watch out for Aesir’s new off-screen attacks. He summons a massive laser and missiles to sweep over the arena.

Eventually Aesir will throw the entire installation at Bayonetta, but she takes care of it the best way she knows how – throwing it back at Aesir and destroying it. Annoyingly, that doesn’t stop his Space Laser attack. I guess Aesir has spares.

The slow-motion attack also returns, as well as the stunning lightning orb move. Dodge just as the circle around Bayonetta closes around her feet, or hit Aesir as he raises a hand glowing with red magic.

To make matters worse, Aesir will begin summoning multiple attacks at once before he goes does. Missile Barrages mixed with Black Holes along with a rapid-fire punch combo. Keep up the pressure – fast punch combos ended with kicks tend to interrupt him and knock him off balance.

Once he’s down for the counter, Bayonetta separates his soul from his body – with a little help from Balder. Back on the mountain summit, Aesir can’t fight back at all. Just beat him up and activate the Climax attack.

Finishing things off, Jeane appears. Steer the flying soul directly into Jeanne’s Infernal Demon to bring an end to Bayonetta 2.


Missile Barrage: From off-screen Aesir will summon guns to fire a barrage of side-winder missiles to fly past the arena. They don’t lock-on or home-in but it’s likely they’ll land a lucky hit if you don’t evade through.

Space Laser: Keeping that space laser handy, Aesir makes the weapon platform appear and fires it on Bayonetta. It follows her so dashing won’t cut it. Evade just as the light flashes and a chime plays.

Orb Swarm: Like the larger orbs he summons, this time Aesir calls forth a small swarm of electricity balls and launches them in waves at Bayonetta. As long as you dodge through the first one, you shouldn’t have a problem getting by the rest.

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