Retro Games’ acclaimed Snapshot will have you snapping photos like a paparazzi.

Take a look at this little fella. His name is Pic, and the reason he can alter the Very Fabric of Reality has to do with his special camera. This handy device lets you adjust the environment as you will, by moving elements of it to more helpful sections of the level. Retro Games has been working on Snapshot for a while now, and – just in time for the end of the month – Steam is offering his photo-snapping adventure to you. It’s on sale at an introductory 10% off, but only until September 6th.

“We hope you all enjoy the game and spread the word,” said David Carrigg of Retro Games. “Over the next few months, we hope to bring the game to Mac and Linux, and soon we’ll announce some release dates for the Playstation Vita and PS3 versions.” Carrigg describes Snapshot as “a puzzle platformer much in the vein of Mario or those older school platformers, but with a modern twist.” Snapshot’s main mechanic, the camera, is inspired by a coworker’s nightmare, which Retro Games decided to turn into a game. As you do.

This is Retro Games’ first project, developed by a three-strong team. Carrigg is the sole programmer, Peter Jones the animator, and Kyle Pulver is environment artist and level designer. As a first effort, Snapshot looks set to shine on PC; it’s already wowed the crowd at PAX East and GDC. No doubt a few bucks off on its initial Steam release will tempt some people into parting with their end-of-the-month cash …

Source: Joystiq

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