Epic Games will be “fully vindicated” in the trial to determine whether it did not adequately support licensees of the Unreal Engine.

We reported today that Too Human-maker Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack is excited to pursue his lawsuit against Epic Games for misleading its customers about what the Unreal Engine could do. Dyack claims that Epic provided sub-standard code while the company continued work on Gears of War. After both companies filed several motions to dismiss the others’ claims, a judge has ruled that most of the evidence has merit and should be heard by a jury to decide. Dyack sees that as a victory – “We are very confident the jury will see the truth behind Epic’s actions,” he said. Epic Games has chosen to respond publicly to Dyack’s comments by pointing out the ruling is in no way an indication of Epic’s guilt, only that a judge ruled that a trial was necessary. It’s a game company legal catfight!

“On March 24, 2011, the federal court in the lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games completed its ruling on the parties’ summary judgment motions to dismiss each other’s claims without a trial,” the statement read. “Allowing those claims to move forward to a jury is not a ruling on their merits. The court simply concluded that the disputed evidence should be heard and resolved by the jury.”

The statement also pointed out that the court ruled in favor of Epic on several claims. “The court entered judgment in favor of Epic on several claims, rejecting Silicon Knights’ claims that it could cancel its license agreement, that Epic interfered with its contractual relationships with publishers, and that Epic has acted unjustly under the license.”

Epic Games is just as sure as Silicon Knights that it will win the case when it is heard before a jury. “The court had previously rejected Silicon Knights’ motion to summarily dismiss Epic’s claims against it and upheld Epic’s right to present all of its claims to a jury, including claims that Silicon Knights breached its license agreement, stole Epic’s technology and infringed Epic’s copyrights,” the statement read.

“Epic remains confident that it will be fully vindicated at trial.”

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