“Epic Mickey” May Not be Wii Exclusive After All


Alterations to the Game Informer story about Warren Spector’s “Epic Mickey” project suggest that the title may not be exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii as previously reported.

In case you were asleep earlier this week: Monday, we got a look at Warren Spector’s “Epic Mickey” project – a darker take on the world of Disney – and yesterday we saw some concrete details emerge. Overall, the game’s reception amongst gamers tended to fall somewhere between “Hella Cool” and “F’ing AWESOME” with the one caveat being the title’s apparent exclusivity toward the Wii (apparently, gamers don’t like the Wii at all or something).

While all the previous information and rumors pegged the title as a Wii exclusive – as did yesterday’s source “close to Disney” – information about the platform is curiously absent from the current landing page. Sharp-eyed Wired visitors pointed out that this was not always the case:

“Update: Many commenters point out that the story, as originally published, did indeed say that the game was a Wii exclusive, although this has been scrubbed from the version currently online. You can’t unring a bell, and you can’t erase the Internet.”

As we learned yesterday, the Wii was chosen for its ability to mimic the painting techniques Mickey Mouse will be using in his adventure – but with Sony and Microsoft preparing their own motion-control equipment, it seems odd to exclude the other two consoles entirely.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this will remain a Wii exclusive, and people are making much ado about nothing (as happens every now and then on the internet), but it’s still intriguing to wonder. You have to imagine that the text was taken down for a reason, after all… no?

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