“Epic Mickey” to Be Unveiled Next Month?


Warren Spector’s long-rumored steampunk take on the Disney animated universe may be getting an official unveiling next month, reports gaming mag Game Informer.

Recap machine, go!: Last December, we reported that veteran game designer Warren Spector had been tapped to helm a project known only as “Epic Mickey,” a steampunk-style adventure starring Disney’s stable of classic animated characters. News dried up until late July, when concept art from the game was leaked onto the ‘Net, and was completely awesome.

A few days later, rumors surfaced about the actual game itself, saying it would be a Wii title where players would “paint their way through a level” a la Okami (or the classic Looney Tunes short “Duck Amuck”). The plot of the game would center around older Disney characters angry at Mickey and the rest for stealing the spotlight that was once theirs.

Does that sound awesome to anybody else? No, it’s not just me? Good, glad to hear it.

We may be seeing some of these rumors confirmed (or debunked) as early as next month – an image leaked onto GAF from this month’s issue of Game Informer shows the phrase “Something EPIC is brewing” next to an inkblot that is almost unmistakably the iconic ears and nose of Disney’s flagship mascot. The blurb continues: “Next month Game Informer unleashes a storm of epic proportions with its new design and website relaunch, and the star of the show is someone you just might know…”

True, there’s nothing absolutely concrete there, but I would be very surprised if this turned out to not be an “Epic Mickey” reveal. Unless, of course, it’s a Disney game made by Epic – Marcus and Dom team up with Mickey and Donald against the villainous Locusts under the command of Pete! I’d totally play that, too. It’d be like Kingdom Hearts, with chainsaws. Hey, wait a second…

Rumors about a cameo from Wolverine are as of yet unsubstantiated.

(via CVG)

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