Sparkle City Comics has launched an eBay auction selling a copy of Superman 1 along with dozens of other comics and collectibles.

The dream of most every comic collector out there is to get their hands on something truly rare and valuable. It’s a goal that’s easier set than accomplished, of course. There are only so many classic comics in the world and finding them can often be a challenge all on its own. Luckily for the most hardcore of comic fans, the fine folks at Sparkle City Comics recently launched an online auction aimed at selling a massive collection of rare comic books.

Beginning earlier this week, Sparkle City and eBay opened the auction which is selling a total of 164 items including several ultra-rare books. The showcase of the auction is an original copy of Superman 1. Standing alongside it are other rare books such as Detective Comics 38 (first appearance of Robin), Tales of Suspense 39 (first appearance of Iron Man) and Amazing Fantasy 15 (first appearance of Spider-Man). “The comics came from a few sources,” shared Sparkle Comics CEO Brian Schutzer. “Some of the books are from a couple of different consigners and the rest are from a great collection we bought in Knoxville.” Preparations for the auction took Schutzer and company “about eight weeks” to prepare. If Schutzer’s estimates are right, it will be time well spent. “We anticipate the final hammer prices to be in the 250K range,” he said.

Granted, we’ve seen comics sell for larger sums in the past. A CGC 9.0 copy of Action Comics 1 (aka: the holy grail of comic books), sold for a whopping 3.2 million dollars back in 2014. That being said, Sparkle City’s auction is still impressive and has already drawn a significant response from collectors. The aforementioned copy of Superman 1? Bids have already pushed its price up past 43,000 dollars. The copy of Detective Comics 38 has likewise already been bumped up to 17,200 dollars. The list of high bids just keeps going on after that. We can only imagine that they’ll keep getting higher as the auction inches towards its end this Sunday evening.

Source: eBay

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