Epic: Shadow Complex 2 is Nearly Done


The Shadow Complex sequel was sidelined for Infinity Blade, but Epic says it just needs one final push to get it finished.

Epic’s design director Cliff Bleszinski says that the sequel to Chair’s record-breaking XBLA game Shadow Complex is almost done, and Epic is just looking for a partner to help finish the game off and actually get it out the door.

Epic made the decision to shelve Shadow Complex 2 so that Chair could focus on the iOS game Infinity Blade. Epic president Mike Capps said that the decision had been seemed very risky at the time, but the success of Infinity Blade shown that it had been a risk worth taking. Bleszinski said that Epic had wanted to make its mark on the iPhone, and while the studio had tossed around the idea of simply porting Shadow Complex, it decided that a new product would be a better solution.

“We needed a flagship product for iOS, plain and simple,” Bleszinski explained. “And we could have ported Shadow Complex, but it would have been a lot of work and it might not have been the right fit. And then [Chair creative director] Donald Mustard suggested Punch Out!! with swords [and] RPG layers and we were like, ‘Yes!'”

Presumably, when Bleszinski says “partner,” he means, “publisher,” as I can’t see Chair and Epic needing help in the programming department. Epic teamed up with Microsoft for the first Shadow Complex, and it would probably be interested in doing so again. Of course, if it wants to go multiplatform, it might have to seek out other options.

Source: Gamasutra

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