Escape From Butcher Bay cover art

Vin Diesel is getting the Starbreeze band back together for a new Riddick game.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay was a pretty fantastic game. It’s also almost ten years old, and good lord, where does the time go? Anyway, Assault on Dark Athena, the 2009 sequel, was also pretty good, if more of the same – but sometimes that’s okay. And speaking of more of the same being okay, Riddick himself (that would be Vin Diesel) says the original Starbreeze team that did Escape From Butcher Bay is getting back together for a third game in the series.

“There’s a great Riddick app coming out that you’ll be able to play on your iPad,” Diesel said in an interview with Screen Crush. “But my die-hard gamers want Tigon [Diesel’s game production company] to deliver the third chapter in the Riddick game. And we just, over the past couple of months – just this year – reassembled that team from Starbreeze that brought Escape From Butcher Bay to create the third game.”

A third Riddick game isn’t really a surprise, given the sequel-driven nature of the game biz, but getting the original team back on the case (at least as much as possible) and the promise that suggests of something that might be as good as Butcher Bay is undeniably tantalizing. Here’s hoping that Starbreeze has better luck with this than it did with its last attempt to update an old favorite.

Source: Screen Crush

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