Escapist’s Paul G To Die Repeatedly In Outlast Livestream


He’s doing this for you, the fans. Time for a drinking game!

Those of you who listen to the podcat will know Paul Goodman, the Man with No Title, the soul without shame. You may be less familiar with Outlast, the indie survivor horror title that puts you in the shoes of Miles Upshur – now there’s the name of a true hero – as he navigates the dark corridors of abandoned insane asylum Mount Massive. Well, if ever you’ve wondered how often Paul can get himself murdered in a game, wonder no more, as he’ll be live streaming his Outlast efforts today from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm EST on The Escapist’s Twitch channel.

This sounds like prime drinking game material, and it is! “If you’d like to lose control of your bladder, give it a shot when it comes out on PC,” said Susan Arendt in her E3 preview, and that moment right there is worth a shot of the beverage of your choice. There will be death, as Outlast seems to have sidestepped the Amnesia scares for more full-on argle-bargle and, as everyone knows, you can’t have argle-bargle without someone getting viciously murdered. Step forward, Mr Goodman, and don’t be shy! Remember, your fans want to hear everything …

The live stream will start at 6:30 pm EST. Be ready!

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