Essays on Empathy is a collection of short games and narrative experiences by Deconstructeam. The collection features nine previously released games as well as a new game titled “De Tres al Cuerto.” Alongside each individual game, Deconstructeam has also included concept art, game design documents, and detailed documentaries that offer a glimpse into its creative process.

Originally created for various Game Jams, each game typically lasts only around 10-30 minutes, with the longest clocking in at around an hour of playtime. As a result, each of the games in Essays on Empathy explores a singular idea, allowing them to shine in meaningful and impressive ways.

Every game in Essays on Empathy offers a genuinely unique mechanic, even if the controls can be finicky and some of the games are a tad too simple. Plus, English is Deconstructeam’s second language, and occasionally the translations aren’t completely accurate. And while this can take away some immersion, it adds to the charm and confirms exactly what this compilation of games is — a love letter to the creative process. You play the games; then you see and hear how they did it, crafting an informative lesson on what life as a creative means, which neatly connects the 10 games as a mixed media essay on empathy.

If you are an aspiring dev or simply a lover of the quirky and creative, this is a must-play. The added insights make Essays on Empathy both informative and fun, offering a rare glimpse into how a few small ideas can be nurtured into bigger dreams, and for that type of aspirational motivation alone, Essays on Empathy is worth every cent. The game is available now on Steam and for $12.99.

Watch our full Review in 3 Minutes for Essays on Empathy.


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