Eternal Conflict Event Kicks Off For Heroes of the Storm

This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Three new heroes and first of two battlegrounds now available.

Blizzard has started a multi-week event for their “online team brawler,” Heroes of the Storm. Available now are three new heroes, Leoric, The Monk, and The Butcher, who has been given special attention in a cinematic trailer released today.

The Butcher is an assassin character that gains strength from eating the corpses of its enemies and can restore health by attacking those still alive. The Monk is a melee support hero with healing abilities and two Trait options, while Leoric assumes a wraith form on death, able to attack and slow enemies while hastening his revival.

Also available is a new battleground stage, the Battlefield of Eternity, taking players into the first combat environment to be based on an already existing Blizzard franchise. Situated at the border between the High Heavens and Burning Hells of the Diablo universe, the stage features two Immortals teams must support while also defending their core.

While the “Eternal Conflict” event continues for the next few weeks, players should also keep their eyes peeled for Treasure Goblins during the pre-match. Killing them will provide an additional in-game gold award.

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